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Life seems sobering sometimes for bloggers and authors. Writers need look at themselves in the light of truth to figure out; what do you really give? Think in terms of both attention and energy. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. How much time you give to your business-craft is just one factor; this is the attention factor. The type of energy you give to your gig is genuinely about the most important aspect of writing and blogging. But attention-time plays a key role, too. Never get it twisted. So….what do you give? Think about what you give to your blog, business and writing. Answer honestly.

For example, check out my eBook:

How I Published 100 Amazon Products in 10 Months (So You Can Do it Too)

Does that sound like a guy mailing it in? Do I sound like I give little attention and loving energy to blogging? Every day, for 3 months in a row, I wrote and self-published one, 6,000 word eBook, during one of my trips to Bali. Imagine all the attention-time I gave to my eBook writing. That’s a whole lotta time. Imagine all the loving, generous energy I gave to eBook writing. That’s a whole lotta loving, generous service. Combine the attention and energy factor to see I gave quite a bit to writing and self-publishing eBooks benefiting people. I feel good about my giving, allowing my giving to expand even more. But digging deep into fear is the uncomfortable, unpleasant way to be super duper generous, and most bloggers prefer to avoid facing and feeling deep fears, choosing instead to give little, to struggle and to fail.

Dig deeper. Feel your fears. But first, ask the honest question: what do you give? Be brutally straight with yourself. Being honest, most bloggers struggle terribly, so most bloggers know they give little in terms of time-attention and generosity-energy-service. Why do we know this? Most bloggers would be wildly successful if they gave 10-12 hours daily to generously serving people through their niche of choice. Be truthful with yourself. Own how you may be giving 5 or 10 minutes daily to blogging. Or own how your 12 hour blogging days are not a generous act of service, but a fear-filled, desperate, greedy rush to squeeze as much out of human beings as humanly possible. I do not care if you work 20,000 hours; if you emit a fear-filled, stingy, greedy, desperate vibe, you struggle and fail because you cannot trick, outfox, or out run your energy. Always, life is about what you give from an attention and energy perspective.

I suggest getting crazy busy helping people for free. Comment genuinely on this blog post. Guest post. Open your blog to guest posting. Mention fellow bloggers on your blog. Promote other bloggers through social media. Most of all, do these things from a generous, detached, trusting vibe, for your energy dictates your direction in life. Of course, you better spend 6 to 8 to 10 hours daily giving MUCH attention to generous, relaxed service. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows, but if you do not give much attention and/or loving energy to blogging, you get aka see aka achieve little worldly success. Blogging is a wonderful mirror if you see your blog reflecting results back to you, honestly and genuinely. Look blogging in the eye. Be honest. What do you give?

Answer honestly to accelerate your online success.
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