I am watching Netflix now.

No worries; I paused it. No sense dividing my attention and energy between 2 activities.

Watching Netflix is one part of doing my writing homework. Believe it or not I become more skilled by watching movies, TV shows and documentaries on the cyber video portal. Love the site. Like crazy.

People think I am a writing machine. Turns out I write quite a bit because I love writing but I also pull back to enjoy life offline too.

Diving into entertainment is as important as practicing my writing in terms of being a skilled writer.

Seems weird, right?

It’s not.

Appealing to your imagination is a key component to writing sizzling, enchanting, enticing blog posts.

I developed a method of becoming a skilled writer. Where? In New Zealand. That’s a joke. Because the method is the WHER Method.

Write. Help. Entertainment. Read.

Let’s dive in guys.



Write your rear end off daily. Improve your writing skills by practicing writing.

Simple, clear, clean way to up your writing game.

Open a Word document now. Write 1000 words. Cover any topic. or cover your blog topic.

Trash the document to become detached from your writing.

Hands down, this is the simplest way to become a skilled writer.


Help people across a wide range of channels online.

I prefer my blog, guest posting, genuine blog commenting, live broadcasts, Quora and the Warrior Forum.

Helping people through text and video improves your writing skills through the art of deliberate thinking. I have few issues sitting down to write clearly because I habitually think through how to create helpful content, and then I follow through and create the content.

Tough to run into writer’s block or to write from an unskilled, unclear energy if you spend all day being of service to people.


I am watching Homeland now. I started the series years ago but stepped away for a long time to follow other series. All up to date on Designated Survivor. Ditto for many other series. Toss in movies plus documentaries and I am an entertainment junkie.

Watching entertainment stokes your creative fires because being exposed to skilled story tellers – and enchanting tales – helps you become a skilled writer through osmosis.

I add a bit of drama, some humor and an overall entertaining flair to my posts on Blogging From Paradise because I feast on at least 60 minutes of online entertainment daily, either on Netflix, HBO or Showtime online.


Read for 30 to 60 minutes daily.

Reading prepares you to be a better writer.

I find reading helps me to articulate points effectively. Skilled authors inspire fellow authors and bloggers to write skillfully. Osmosis deal again.

I am reading Dean Koontz now along with an intense, raw and fascinating piece on Cambodia. Fiction usually dominates my reading docket although I toss in non-fiction here and there to change things up.

Voracious readers learn how to weave wicked tales by feasting on the works of awesome writers. The process is simple if you follow the prior steps because your writing practice, willingness to help folks and affinity for watching entertainment via movies and TV shows sets the table for this tip. You’ll be in the perfect energy to improve your writing skills and reading for 30 minutes prior to bed time helps you get your writing game in gear.

What tips can you add to this list?

How are you becoming a skilled writer?


If you want a fun read (with some textual entertainment mixed in) buy my eBook:

I Bought My Glasses in Kathmandu (and other Travel Stories)

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