Yesterday I spotted a conversation.

One blogger wanted to join a follower thread to boost their social following numbers.

Said blogger believed if they could get enough followers on a specific social site it’d be the cure to their blogging ills.

All blogging struggles would dissolve into the big numbers. Since big numbers = big business. Right?


This is one of the comment social media blogging mistakes.

Follower threads don’t work for your blogging business.

Here’s why: numbers cannot buy products and numbers cannot hire you.

Even more importantly; people who follow you just to get followers almost never visit your blog, read your posts, buy your stuff or hire you. The follow is not genuine, nor is it authentic and it’s certainly not organic.

Bad look.

Follower Threads

In case you’re a bit confused about the term follower thread I mean any social media or blogging thread based solely on following other bloggers if they follow you back. Facebook Page Like threads used to be all the rage. A collection of travel bloggers or any blogger would join the group, follow the thread, post their Page and Like all Pages posted.

Ditto for Twitter, G Plus or YouTube subscribers.

Some bloggers on free platforms – where following exists – even go this route.

Massive mistake.

If someone follows you just to get a follow back they have zero interest in your blog. Do you believe someone with zero interest in your blog would buy your eBooks or hire you? Do you honestly believe said folks want to read your posts? Are these people genuinely interested in you or simply wanted another follower so followed you conditionally.

Back Scratching and Failing Bloggers

I have tried a few of these “I’ll scratch your back and you scratch mine” type groups on social during lean years.

All giving is conditional. Meaning folks only help you and follow you if you help them and follow them first.

Terrible deal because conditional giving is:

  • not genuine
  • inauthentic
  • not really giving, since you’ve an eye on receiving
  • not organic

If a blogger follows you just to get a follow back you will never build a thriving business. Sure your follower numbers may be impressive but numbers never build successful blogging businesses. People do.

10 months down the road, after you have ego tripped on big follower numbers but see zero profits through your blog, you will own the mistake most of us bloggers make some time during our careers: chasing numbers versus serving people.

The Solution

Create helpful content.

Establish meaningful connections with top bloggers in your niche by helping them.

Patiently create and connect.

1 by 1, highly engaged, targeted, loyal readers will find your blog organically through such an approach.

Highly engaged, rabid blogging fans grow your blog like wildlife.

Even if you have 3 of these rocking individuals who gobble up your work you can establish a steady income because if they buy your high priced course, if they purchase your eBooks and hire you the money will flow in this month.

2-3 rabid fans may show up next month, adding to your income as they hire you and purchase your stuff.

Eventually you reach a tipping point; this tight knit community becomes a raving tribe that promotes you aggressively and  persistently. This leads to you becoming a full time, pro blogger, over years.

But it ain’t happening by subscribing to following threads, guys.

There are no blogging short cuts.

Blogging eBook

If you want to stop doing silly stuff like depending on follower threads for your blogging success step it up to the blogging big time by developing the mindset of a successful blogger.

Buy my eBook:

Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger
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