Why Is Blog Commenting Still Underrated?


Why Is Blog Commenting Still Underrated?

As I promote my blog commenting eBook, I want to stress why blog commenting is still an underrated strategy for connecting with bloggers.

Blog commenting is a free strategy for creating value, making friends and spreading the word about your authority. Can you find a better strategy for newbie bloggers to make an impact? Not likely. Blog commenting has no barriers to entry. Anyone can publish a legit comment that gets published.

Your only job is to avoid the spam folder. Doing this is easy. Publish value. Become valuable. Simple as pie. Sure you need to develop some skills to blog comment effectively. Practice makes for more impacting comments. But honing this skill is not difficult. Anyone sharing their thoughts in genuine fashion from a generous energy can be a skillful, impressive blog commenting champion. All it takes is some effort, a commitment to doing things the right way and patience.

Guest posting requires oodles of effort, in terms of bond-building, polishing your writing skills and gaining guest post invites. Heck yeah; you should be guest posting on the regular. Definitely aim for this technique to serve and prosper. But guest posting on respected blogs is more of an advanced blogging strategy.

Newbies cannot make much headway because you do not have the writing skills, credibility and network to field invites for guest posting left and right. Guest posting effectively requires quite a bit of creating and connecting. Think about it; in order to hand you the keys to their blog, you better be able to write impressively.

Blog commenting requires little, save your ability to read posts and share your thoughts in genuine, intelligent fashion. Doing this is simple. Eventually, doing this becomes super easy. Read. Share your thoughts. Be real. Spend 3-5 minutes publishing a genuine comment.

Commenting is vastly underrated – still – because anyone with access to the internet can read a post, share their thoughts for 3-5 minutes and hit the publish button. Think about that for a second. ANYBODY in the world can do these things to gain exposure, to make friends and to build their business.

Imagine being a new blogging tips blogger. After reading a helpful blog post on Pro Blogger, you publish a thoughtful, in-depth, genuine comment in response to the post. Imagine the exposure a new blogger gains using this approach? Imagine the bonds you build following a sound blog commenting strategy? What other tactic yields such wide exposure and leveraging potential for new bloggers?

None. Nothing comes close when it comes to genuine, generous blog commenting. Every newbie blogger should comment genuinely from day 1 to build a rock solid foundation for their blogging campaign. I also suggest publishing blog posts of course.

But in order to gain steady exposure on a grander scale, you better be commenting genuinely on blogs to become a known commodity in your blogging niche. Again; it’s all about genuine networking to make friends, share value and expand your reach.

Blog commenting will always be underrated because most bloggers overlook this powerful strategy. New bloggers assume no one reads comments. But I scored my most prospering freelancing customer 7 years ago through the power of blog commenting. I made inroads with influential bloggers by sharing my thoughts through comments in genuine fashion. What other new blogger tactic gives you such potential?

Nothing comes close. But of course, comment intelligently, effectively and generously. Do it right. Spamming does not count. No one pays attention to spam comments. No one even reads spam comments. Make an impact versus being forgettable.

Blog comment the right way to tap into this vastly underutilized strategy.

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