Why is Joomla the best website builder? Main reasons

Why is Joomla the best website builder? Main reasons

Picture this scenario. The website builder allows you to choose different templates for each webpage. No one can access your site if you never share the secret key with them.

Furthermore, the website builder offers SEO without any plug-ins

Sounds like the website builder you want? Look no further than Joomla blackmart.

Joomla powers over two million websites at the time of writing.

The developers of the free web development platform claim a user downloads Joomla every 2.5 seconds.

In the next five minutes, let’s take a look at the main reasons why Joomla CMS (Content Management System) is the best website builder.

Never lose a non-English speaking visitor

The number of internet users in non-English speaking countries? 3.4 billion.

What if a visitor who doesn’t know English opens your website? If your website supports the English language only, the visitor will leave the site and never return.

Furthermore, 46% of website users confirmed they trust the website more when it supports their native language.

Thus, they’ll buy from the website over another which displays content only in English.

How to build a website that supports the maximum number of languages? Joomla offers the solution.

Source: joomla.org

The website builder supports 76 languages at the time of writing. Visitors can translate the website into their preferred language. 

Furthermore, Joomla offers a dedicated team for language support. The team solves all your issues about any of the 76 compatible languages.

Multilingual websites perform better on Google search results as well.

Check the website for the list of supported languages.

Protect your website from hackers with the two-factor authentication

Hackers breached more than 737 million files in 2020 alone. Thus, opt for a website builder that protects your website against them. Joomla offers the best security. 

How does the CMS Joomla offer the best protection against hackers? With the two-factor authentication.

The website builder generates a temporary password unique to your username and your website. Without this temporary password, no one can open the admin section of the website.

How does the process work?

The hackers collected your username and password. They try to log in. Joomla sends a temporary password to the device of your choice.

Hackers won’t know the password. Furthermore, the password renders invalid after thirty seconds. Thus, your website will remain safe.

Joomla offers two-factor authentication as default. You won’t need to install any type of graphic to use the feature.

In addition, Joomla websites offer free SSL certificates. Your data always stays protected.

Furthermore, the SSL certificate helps the website to rank higher in Google searches.

Internet users trust a website with an SSL certificate more than a website without one.

The dedicated Security Strike Team releases security patches to enhance the security level.

Protect any sensitive content and pages on your website with passwords. 

The feature saves you from online trolling and earning a bad reputation for your website.

Assign different templates for different pages

You described how your business began on the About Us page. The homepage displays the products that sell the highest. You’ve included blogs to share industry knowledge.

You feel the same template on every page lessens the website quality. However, the website builder allows one theme for all the pages.

Change the situation with Joomla templates.

Joomla offers template assignment features. Design every page with a different template.

Furthermore, create your own templates if you don’t like the pre-existing ones on the website builder.

What if the different templates lag when a visitor opens them on a mobile or tablet?

54.8% of the web traffic comes from mobile devices.

Furthermore, 50% of internet users expect a website to load within two seconds.

If a website loads slow on mobile devices, you lose more than half of your potential customers.

Joomla offers mobile-responsive templates. Visitors won’t leave your website because the website lagged on their smartphones.

Furthermore, Joomla offers frontend editing. Edit any content on the website without returning to the admin panel.

Rank high on Google with out-of-the-box SEO

You won’t need to install any plug-ins to use the SEO tools in the website builder Joomla.

Joomla helps to build SEO-friendly URLs. Furthermore, choose your page titles, Meta description, and Meta tags.

Control what image appears when you share an URL on social media. You can control the title and description as well.

What if you love specific page tracking? Joomla allows you to add raw code in the head and body tags of every page.

Own your data with self-hosting

You buy your hosting when you use Joomla. You manage and back up the website data as you prefer.

Furthermore, migrate the data to any platform you want. Thus, if the platform closes, you won’t lose your data.

Self-hosting allows you to choose a custom domain name as well. In addition, you also receive a personal email address matching your domain name.

Why does that matter? The feature creates an impression of professionalism. Clients trust you more when you appear professional.

Self-hosted websites rank higher on Google over free ones. More website visitors translate to more potential buyers, right? 

Find answers to your question in the large user community

Over 200,000 members — that’s the community you enter when you use Joomla.

The expert community members notice the issues users face with Joomla CMS development.

Ask your question on Joomla forums. The members offer precise answers to your problems.

Use over 8,000 extensions

Choose any of the extensions your website needs from the Joomla extension gallery. 

The website builder categorizes the extensions into 33 different categories. The categories include language, communication, and editing.

Furthermore, each extension shows the user ratings and reviews. Read what other users say about the extension before adding it to your website.

A website builder experts trust

Joomla powers websites for government agencies, famous brands, and celebrities. The UK Ministry of Defence, Pizza Hut, and Leonardo Di Caprio use websites built on Joomla.

Thus, never worry about the authenticity and competence of the Joomla website builder.

Build your website on Joomla for the high level of security, out-of-the-box SEO, and multilingual support.

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