Why Pitching Strangers Does Not Work in Blogging


Why Pitching Strangers Does Not Work in Blogging

I approved a high volume of friend requests on Facebook as a social experiment the prior 3 days.

I blocked many of these individuals after a few Messenger volleys.

Most claimed to want to be my friend but quickly:

  • pitched me their business opportunity
  • begged me for help in various forms
  • pitched me their services

after we chatted for a few moments.

Imagine your offline friends. Picture how you met, bonded and grew your relationship. Did any offline friend first make contact with you by saying:

“I need your help!”

“Hire me.”

“If you are looking for a freelancer I am looking for work.”

or any other fear-based plea?

Inherently, people do not trust strangers. Strangers who verify your distrust with a blind pitch quickly get blocked. Being blocked on social media guarantees that you do not make money blogging. This is why pitching strangers never works blogging-wise. Money is trust. People who buy your stuff or hire you trust you enough to in essence send money to you. No one trusts strangers. Strangers who offer their business services to you never get your money because you do not trust stangers.

I blocked a high number of Facebook strangers who claimed to feign friendship because fear in their minds scared them into trying to:

  • use me
  • manipulate me
  • play me
  • see me as a number, de-humanized
  • see me as not a warm human being but as a potential client or customer

Why in the heck would I hire someone who:

  • I do not trust?
  • does not care about me?
  • sees me as dollar signs?

Fear scares you into not thinking.

Imagine an engine seizing. Observe how all stops to a grinding halt. Fear yields a similar effect on the mind. Fear makes you cease thinking through intelligent, generous, prospering blogging campaigns. Some of the 300 plus human beings I approved as friends buried deep fears in their minds. Fears buried manifested as trying to friend me based solely on trying to use me for money. Isn’t this insane? Don’t you see how mad such an approach appears to be to a clear-thinking person?

Unfortunately, fear stops the thinking process. Forget clear thinking; NO thinking occurs the moment fear invades your mind.

Donna Merrill teaches relationship-building in business skillfully. She leads with a helping hand in all she does. Her online business success reflects back to her a full commitment to being of service, not self-service. Help people. Get help. Serve people. Get served. Humans know this intuitively but fear creates thinking-seizure that reverses the order. Fear-filled bloggers believe getting money hinges on GETTING MONEY! The way to get money is to beg people for money. The way to get money is to desperately view fellow humans on Facebook as $$$$’s or things to be manipulated to get money.

Ego sees an insane world upside-down in nature. After blocking folks this morning I realized the block was borne of these people seeing the world upside-down in their minds. Getting to them meant trying to get. Getting to Donna means giving freely with no expectation.

Face fear to make this shift. Fear is not pleasant to feel but this necessary step changes the upside-down to right-side-up. In one moment you fearfully believe pitching is how to get. However, in the next moment you gradually see how giving leads to getting. Be gentle with yourself. Allow this process to unfold organically. Let your consciousness shift naturally as you face fear and change your predominant intent.

Blind pitching does not work. Ignore anyone who teaches a rack and stack ’em approach to business dissected on Alonzo Pichardo’s blog. Genuine human beings sit on the other side of their phones or lap tops. Remember that. Cultivate compassion. Face fear. Allow giving to overtake your being. Giving leads to getting. Trying to manipulate humans into giving you money only leads to poverty.

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  1. Donna Merrill

    Hi Ryan,
    Thank you so much for the kind words about me. I so much appreciate that my friend.
    When it comes to pitching, I know very well what you mean. Friends on Facebook can pitch you and you don’t even know who the heck they are. However, if I knew someone that gave me a pitch with the words “If you think its not for you, I understand.” I can make a clear decision and trust that person because I know him or her.
    I get pitches all the time and I have to block them. I once had someone asking me for only $300 to help them purchase an online course and I didn’t know this guy at all. HA what a good way to get blocked!
    Blind pitches to strangers never work. One has to know how to build relationships with others, especially online, in order to earn trust.
    Many thanks again,

    1. Super add Donna. Being pitched by people we know feels far different than a stranger danger pitch. My pleasure and thank you!

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