Why Trust Your Blogging Gut Over Pure Logic?


Why Trust Your Blogging Gut Over Pure Logic?

I dance back and forth between blogging strategies. Life feels good. Go long form. Be brief. Be less focused on blogging outcomes. Be more focused on honoring the blogging process. Going within brought me to this space.

Trusting my gut simply makes blogging easier versus using pure logic to make blogging harder.

Humans have so many rules in blogging and life. Do this. Get that. Do this to create order in your life. Do that to create a more chaotic life. Human beings cannot be boxed in and happy, free and creative because happiness, freedom and creativity are ideas existing well outside of the constraining rules box.

I felt intuitively how blogging seemed to be most beneficial for us now, in this moment. I proceeded to write this guest post. Never once did any set blogging rule pop up in my mind. I did not tell myself that I needed to write 2000 words or SEO-optimize the post or share the post in 500 spots. Nope. I did not move into those logical prisons based solely on mindlessly following rules like a blogging robot. I had no set agendas in mind. No need to sell eBooks or courses or any of that jazz.

Writing and publishing this simple guest post felt good to my intuition. However, my ego wanted to add different rules to this creation. What could I do? Feel the fears. Release the fears. Create the guest post from an intuitive energy.

How often do you listen to intuitive nudges over honoring logic solely, mechanically and robotically? Logic has its place. Bloggers use logic to wade through specific processes. But relying fully on logic removes passion, fire, and intuition from your work. Paying close attention to successes in any realm means listening to your gut before any logical, rules-based mindset dominates your actions. Listening to your intuition feels uncomfortable at first. People usually think and act logically. Stepping outside of logic feels maddening because being in this space removes order, rules and set expectations, all comfortable mindsets.

Honor your logic too. Feel free to set up rules or checklists to write and publish posts. But never rely 100% on logical blogging rules because humans are not robots. Humans use logic to mindlessly trudge forward in a being dominated by emotions. Being logical dismisses emotions guiding you to do something different than blind logic dictates. I felt a strong intuitive pull to SEO-optimize my blog posts in January of 2021 through early March. But my intuition pulled me away from SEO-optimizing because I observed the prison of logic clouding my intuition. I rationally believed changing posts for Google traffic boosted my blogging success but my intuition told me to shift toward a different blogging style.

Trusting my gut urged me to link to valued blogging tips resources like Janice Wald and Anil Agarwal. Linking to pros felt good to me intuitively. I ran with it. But I do not rigidly, logically follow this approach from a mindless perspective. What happens if my intuition pulls me in a different direction?

Trust your blogging gut. Worry not; if you trust your gut you will take logical steps to be happy, free and helpful. Invest in a course. Read an eBook. Intuitive nudges understand how you work within the frame work of ego. But do not blindly follow your logic without consulting your intuition. Trust your inner world before all else.

Going within routinely changes your blogging world in an astounding way.

Doing more is not the answer. Working harder is never the answer. Trusting your blogging gut before all else leads you toward the greatest freedom and expansion as you generously assist other human beings.

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