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Why Write Daily?


Why Write Daily?

I advise bloggers to write daily. Why?

Like any skill, your writing improves if you write often and your writing does not improve if you do not write often. Practice makes better. Writing daily makes you a better writer. But not writing daily leads to diminishing your blogging skills. Everything depends on you.

When I advise that you write daily I do not mean writing and publishing a blog post daily, per se. All well and good, but beware being too ambitious as a blogger. Blogging is a marathon. Blogging is not a quick sprint. Writing daily means writing offline in a Word document. Write 500-1000 words daily. Gain confidence through a simple writing habit. No one needs to write 1000’s of words daily as a new blogger. But at least write 500 words every single day because not writing causes your writing skills to diminish.

Why do bloggers suffer from writer’s block? Most bloggers do not write enough, barely practicing their writing skills. Of course you cannot get any blog post ideas or expound on those ideas; you never write or barely write, and your writing skills evade you when you need these abilities. But writing daily forces you to face your fears, nudging you outside of your comfort zone. I feel good most times I write. But sometimes I fear leaving my comfort zone because I would rather nap, relax or do something else other than writing blog posts. But I write because I love the fun, freeing nature of blogging and also enjoy helping my fellow bloggers.

Take your time to ease through writing mental blocks. Sit with any resistant feelings arising during writing sessions. Be with the energies. Write, write and write some more. Develop a daily writing habit to become a clear, confident writer.

Bloggers find writing often makes writing easier. Writing daily – offline, at least – gives you the confidence, clarity and overall experience that makes it easy to write and publish blog posts over the long haul. I have written and published at least one blog post daily for years. I usually write 3 or more guest posts on most days because practicing my writing makes writing easier. I also enjoy helping you rocking readers with my blog posts and guest posts.

Ignoring your writing makes writing tougher. Imagine writing once every month. How quickly will you improve as a writer if you write and publish one blog post monthly? I do not care if the blog post spans 3000 words. Practicing writing to the tune of 3000 words monthly pales in comparison to bloggers who practice writing 1000 words daily. Who grows more quickly? The blogger who writes 30,000 words monthly or the blogger who writes 3000 words month? Of course the blogger who practices writing more often gains the skills to become a clear, confident writer and blogger who publishes helpful content on the regular.

Writing is a skill. Practice any skill to become more skilled in that area. Practice daily for years to become highly skilled in that area. Everything depends on your willingness to practice writing daily, whether in an online or offline setting. Everything changes if you put in the time and everything does not change if you do not put in the time. Everything depends on you.

Write every single day in a Word document. But as your writing skills improve, you will publish at least 1 blog post and/or guest post daily. Imagine how much your traffic and profits grow over the long haul if you follow this ambitious publishing schedule.



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