Unmasking the Hidden Treasures In Having a Work-life Today

Even if you don’t know how to unmask the hidden treasures in having a work-life, I’ve got some work-life balance tips and techniques for you here.

No matter what career you’re in, having a healthy balance between work and the time you spend alone is absolutely essential when it comes to leading a phenomenal lifestyle.

We’re currently living in a world where for some reasons, some people have chosen to ignore the work aspect of life. They’re just too lazy to work and they’ve conditioned their minds to believe in luck. The long, dead and extinct luck – the luck that no longer exists.

That’s the case of Dave, a 27-year-old young man. Dave lived with his parents, even though he’s a graduate of a good and standard university. He was not ready to either get a job or work his talent.

On several occasions when older people wanted to engage him in a wise discussion, he’d find a way to mask his laziness with tones of beautiful excuses.

  • “I’m not cut out for all this work thing, don’t worry I have a plan”
  • “I’ll work once I’m able to live this country for the abroad, I can’t work in this country”

Those were his usual response when anyone tried talking sense into him. That year passed, Dave turned 28. He’s getting older and has spent another year of his life on frivolities and mere wishes.  I could give Dave the award of the World’s Best Wisher.

He stayed wishing. We wished to wish everything into existence but he never discovered that that doesn’t work at all. You don’t wish things into existence, you work them into existence. You make them happen.

He did practically nothing, except lottery. He believed that one day, some luck would smile on him. He’d win a huge sum of money and then travel out of the country with it.

I watched Dave display his foolishness all year long. At 33, something tragic happened to him. His fiancée left him for someone else. They’d been in a relationship for six good years and every time Laura comes up with the idea of marriage, Dave would beg her to be a little more patient.

His biggest and widest dream then was winning the lottery. He had no idea that lotteries make people poorer faster than it makes you richer. He didn’t realize that the lottery he hoped on was someone else’s business and every business owner desires profit.

They’ll always want things to favor them. He never knew that even if he won, jackpots don’t make people wealthy.

Jackpots may solve a few problems but they certainly cannot make him successful. So, he kept hoping on the lottery, Laura was tired of the whole thing.

She needed commitment this time. She wanted them to get married but Dave kept inventing new excuses. The next thing Dave heard was the news of Laura’s wedding.

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Dave was completely heartbroken. He fell ill and it took about three months for him to have a total healing. Dave actually felt his world crumble. He saw and heard disaster.

He wished he had done the right thing earlier, Laura wouldn’t have gone. He wished he could turn back the hands of time, he wished he did the right thing. He wished he’d started something, no matter how little.

He knew Laura loved and was ready to stand by him. He blamed himself for Laura’s act. He wished he listened to those people who were kind enough to talk to him.

Now He’s 33, he got zero from the lottery he hoped on. His life was just a mess. But, the universe will always give everyone a chance to make a change. It’s never too late to make the right decision or to do the right thing.

Dave immediately volunteered to work with an NGO and today, 4years later, Dave runs a successful conglomerate. He’s married too and expecting a baby.

What Made the Difference? The difference between the broke Dave with no dream and the Dave who’s successful today.

Who Knows the Answer? I think I know what the answer is.

The Answer Is This: “Work” made the difference.

Dave became willing and ready to do something. He picked up himself and quit giving excuses, whether beautiful or ugly.

Some people are like the old version of Dave, they do not understand the power of work. They hope for luck that never comes their way. And, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

An opportunity has to meet preparedness before luck can be birthed. So, work keeps you busy and prepared. Apart from the fact that work keeps physical muscles busy and the goodness of work to our physical body, there are gold’s buried inside work and only those who take their time to work can unmask the golds.

Work Builds The Mental Muscles

Even though we work with our physical bodies, our mental muscles also go to work each time the body works. For people who work smart and hard, they always seek better ways of doing things and they have to think and make research.

Working hard is great, working smart is great too but a combo of the two produces an irresistible and phenomenal human.

The smarter you work, the more you exercise your mental muscles and the more you begin to see yourself do things you never imagined you could do.

That’s one treasure hidden in work. The second treasure is the experience you get while working.

The Experience You Get While Working

In everything we do, there are experiences we acquire from it. For example, if you decide to work as a freelance writer, you’d just be ready to write continuously.

Working as a freelance writer will sharpen you, and you’d become an excellent writer in the process.

You’ll meet obstacles and you’d conquer them. With that, you’d become more confident in you and you’ll get to discover many different ways to do a thing.

When Dave volunteered to work in that organization as a secretary he grew in many ways.

He met new people and went new places; he saw new ways of doing things that are better.

He began to notice such enormous strength come from within him.

He began to experience joy and love for humanity, that was when his life began to change and in a year he had a well-defined vision.

Growth In Expertise

The third treasure hidden in work is expertise. A few months ago, I wanted to begin baking. I had very little idea of it but I was willing to start anyway.

My mum hired an expert who taught me for about two hours and that was all. I had only two options: to stop baking and wait till I’ve gone for a long-term training, or to bake every day till I become perfect.

I chose to bake daily, and I achieved perfection in about two weeks.

What if I wasn’t willing to work? What if I didn’t continue after two days or three?

Work is great. When you give yourself to working selflessly and for personal development and consistent improvement, you’ll become perfect in what you do and you’ll gain expertise, is it?

You’ll become an authority and you’ll command respect and results.  Work is good – it is part of what makes us human. However, we must work first, with experience and expertise other than for money.

Whether we work for people or for ourselves, it’s ultimately important that we work selflessly.

Continuous improvement and constant growth lead to success. So, even in what you do seek ways to be better.

Over To You

Are there any treasures you’ve gotten from your work? How did you move from a lazy-neglected entrepreneur to a sought-after entrepreneur?

Your experience can build live and turn situations around.

Share with us so we can learn from each other.

Written by Prince Akwarandu

Prince Akwarandu is a writer, author, and blogger who can help you build a profitable writing career with his book Writing For Profits. You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or Facebook.

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