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All it takes is a little bit of writing today to be a more skilled writer tomorrow. All it takes is a little more skilled writing tomorrow to become a more skilled writer the following day. Everything depends on you and your commitment to writing. Write daily for a sustained period of time. Writing skills improve. Become a more skilled writer daily until you become a skilled, clear, confident writer who drives blog traffic, sells eBooks and lands clients. No matter your blogging profit channel, being a skilled writer improves your blogging business because all you do hinges on your writing skills. Skilled writers become pro bloggers. Every writing skill you develop comes down to slow, steady, daily practice over many years of your life.

I write and publish 5 or more guest posts daily because I write thousands of words daily and did so for years of my life. I never take off days writing-wise. Ever. I keep writing. Even if I feel tired, I write. Do I feel sluggish? I still write. Writing feels like therapy but writing fulfills me too. Plus I see the valued service rendered through writing. How else could I reach folks in Africa, Asia and all around the globe unless I wrote words on a screen through something called a “blog”? Prince generously offered me guest posting rights here on World Writer’s Hub. I graciously accepted his invite and write as much as possible these days, reminding you of simple, powerful writing and blogging success tips. Writing your butt off is one such success tip and writing daily is the direct way to write your butt off.

Find your daily writing habit space. Do you enjoy writing on waking? Yes? Write on waking. I suggest following a morning energy management routine first, but begin writing after your meditating and/or yoga. Write, write and write some more to become a skilled writer. Write daily to gain confidence through writing repetition. Write how you breathe. Keep writing. Don’t forget to purchase inspired writing resources, too. Learn from pro writers to gain inspiration, to keep writing and to become a skilled writer yourself. Are you a first time eBook author? Do you feel hesitant to write your first eBook? I created a guide for you. Buy my eBook here:

7 Tips for First Time eBook Authors

Learn from writing pros, then keep on writing. Write like the dickens because repetition gives you immense clarity. Most bloggers doubt themselves and their blogs because these folks rarely write. Most bloggers never write daily. No need to publish every word you write but at least write 500 words in a Word document every single day of your life. Trash the document after hitting your 5K a day word count. Trash it to release attachment to your writing. Then…..write 500 to 1000 words offline tomorrow. Make writing a daily habit to gain exposure, trust and credibility. Practice writing offline some days and practice writing online some days, by writing and publishing blog posts. Write guest posts too to nudge outside of your comfort zone. Writing is good to you if you are good to writing. Write daily to be good to writing. Writing is a mirror, reflecting back to your your commitment to writing. Writing never lies. Do you want to make money writing? Write like mad daily. Do you want to make money blogging. Write like mad, daily. Sometimes, publish posts, Other times, write offline. But eventually, expect to be writing online daily as you become a prolific blogger and guest poster.


Written by Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author, and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon and can help you build a successful blog at

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