You are a badass. Struggling on becoming a badass reader?

In all field of life, irrespective of the profession, the effect of reading can’t be overemphasized. A lot of people are scared of reading but if you can put these things into place, sooner or later you will be a badass reader.

You Are A Badass

That’s the truth nobody is telling you yet. Keeping your word does define a badass.

How? Saying what you mean and doing what you say.

It gains you respect.

And a badass’s word has the same legal value as a contract.

It may be due to confidence – as most badasses say yes and then figure out a way to fulfill their promise. Every problem has a solution and they will find it. This is you as a reader.

Actions define a badass, not just words. How do you become?

A. Read Book that is of Interest to You

Before picking a book to read, ask yourself why you want to read it. The book should be related to your goal or hobbies. You can’t be a stylist and pick a book on how to sell palm oil.

As a writer, pick books that help improve your writing skills. Books that shows how to monetize your writing and not books on how ‘Tie and dye’ are done.

Pick books that are of benefit to your career.

B. Keep Them Close

When you find books that are of your interest, they can be more than ten. It can be in form of a book, magazine, article etc.

Keep them close to you, it serves as a reminder. When going out be sure to take one along with you. When going to bed, keep them close to your bed. You can have some in your toilet too.

Oh, yes. It may sound ridiculous but it works for some, as that is when they have spare time to read.

It can also serve as a reminder.

C. Create Reading Time

Find what works for you. Are you the morning reader or night reader,?

People get stressed out after the days’ activity, and most can’t comprehend if they read at night while others can.

Get to know yourself, if you enjoy reading more during lunch break or while on a moving bus.

D. Create Reading Environment

This is one important key to becoming a better reader. You might be one that easily gets distracted by noise, so you might want to read in a place with no television, music e.t.c, to avoid distraction.

You can also read at the library, it’s a good environment for readers. It serves as a motivation to read when you see others reading.

You can also decide to do the social reading. It is about reading with friends and family. This makes it fun.

E. Pick A List of What You Want To Read

Having your books listed out before reading is something amazing. They help to keep you in check, in order not to have scattered ideas.

Make a list of the books you want to read and place them in order of priority. You can decide to read page by page of each book. But if you are not one that easily accumulates what you read, I will suggest you stick to completing one book before opening the next.

What next?

F. Relax and Enjoy

To get into the book and really feel comfortable around it, start with the ‘About the author’ section. It makes you know who wrote what you are about to read and create a connection feeling.

Read through…

  • the Acknowledgment
  • Dedication
  • Foreword
  • Table of content and most importantly
  • the Introduction.

As this gives you a feeling of what you are about to read, and the tone the author wrote with.

Enjoy – Get into the book, feel the scene and live it.

How to Read Effectively: Cultivating the Reading Culture

1. Document

Reading helps to broaden your vocabulary. Write out new words and check them out in a dictionary for effective application in your daily vocabulary. Never use a word without checking for the meaning.

Write out what you learned from the book and apply it to your daily living.

2. Picking The Book

As one who just started reading and wants to continue, picking a book of more than 300 pages can be quite discouraging.

Start with little page book.

Set a deadline on when you intend to finish it.

For example: If you have a book of 200 pages and you want to finish it in one week, which is seven days. What you need to do is divide 200 by 7, which gives you 28.5 pages. You can then decide to read 28 – 29 page a day.

By the end of the week, you will be through with it. This rule can be applied to all books, but most times when you become a better Reader you get to forget about the rule.

This is from a personal experience. I use this rule a lot but I discovered with time it wasn’t useful anymore. Then, I had set out five days to read up ‘The Alchemists’ but was surprised when I finished within a day.

Another aspect of book picking that should be considered is the font size, some fonts can be discouraging, as one that isn’t vast in reading, you might want to pick a bold font book for easy reading.

3. Set Reading Goals

If you want to read more, see yourself reading up to 5 books a month. Truth is, you don’t arrive there in a day — it is a journey. Go slowly and enjoy the process.

First, you have to cultivate the habit of reading, then slowly set out to read a book a month. When you see that you are able to complete a book a month without getting yourself ‘Thin’ you can increase it to two books a month and with time up your reading game to 4 – 5 books a month.

So set out your reading goals. You can be slow or fast, go at your pace. Be sure you meet up to your goal, if you didn’t, don’t beat yourself over it. Extend the goal and continue reading.

4. Join a Reading Club

One of the fastest ways to arouse the reading giant in you is to join a book club. It is a place where you get to discuss books, and most times you are being assigned to what to read.

And they can also be your accountability guide.

5. Celebrate Your Reading Victory

Give yourself some treat. Reward yourself for completing a book, and also celebrate yourself for making an attempt to read a book.

Last but not the least…

6. Take Massive Action

We read for a different reason but one that seems to stand same for all is: to be enlightened and be informed.

Practicalize what you read, apply it to the field in which you read about, tell people about the book and also pass on the information.

A review is a way of sending out the word about the book. It also helps others know about the book and also help them pick what next to read.

Follow these steps and you would most definitely become a better reader.

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