Youth Edge: Raising Cutting Edge Leaders

Youth Edge which you’ve been waiting for is here. No nation rises up to her greatness until the youths are strategically positioned to make positive and sustainable contributions from different sources Cum sectors of the economy.

YouthEdge is one meeting where issues affecting young people in the now will be discussed and addressed from an empirical perspective.

In this meeting, we shall be learning, teaching and equipping the youth with uncommon skillsets, toolset, and mindsets to become solutions givers in the present economic realities.



1. Excel-galaxy Ajah Anayo

World Scholarship Forum FounderExcel-galaxy Ajah Anayo is a household name when it comes to Wealth Creation leveraging on the resourcefulness of INTERNET economy. He is a certified GEEK, Founder of World Scholarship Forum, Founder of TEC Community, and a confirmed DISRUPTOR.

He is a living institution and one young man on a critical assignment for humanity in this 21st century. He is CREATIVITY Sync, a trained GOOGLE agent and an obsessed Entrepreneur with visible results. He will be engaging participants in a highly crafted technical session that evolve around wealth creation using the INTERNET as both a toolset and platform.

2. Ritchie Felix

Ritchie Felix is Powered by GRACE. He doesn’t play by the RULES and doesn’t celebrate the STATUS QUO. He is obsessed by his MISSION and is always prepared to be WRONG so that he can always be the ORIGINAL. If you’re not living your mission because of what people will say then expect nothing in life. Drop all your excuses. Disappoint your critics. Disrupt Yourself. Come prepared let’s change the narratives and upgrade the quality of the conversation. We can shift the paradigm and create a new quantum REALITY. He invites you to join us at the weekend; let’s make a golden history to happen.


3. Chibuzor Pearl Alaegbu

Chibuzor Pearl AlaegbuChibuzor Pearl Alaegbu is one of the facilitators in the on-coming youth event tagged: “YouthEdge”. She is loaded with uncommon knowledge pedigree about the challenges of emerging markets realities, and have tested the waters of Super-industrial paradoxes on a first-hand degree. She is bringing a whole baggage of experiences, proven expertise and a slash effect of digital quantum mechanics Cum dynamics to share with participants in this meeting. She is a STRONG FORCE, STRONG VOICE and a GEEK that command the attraction of any boardroom any day. She invites you to join us at YOUTHEDGE for massive disruptions.

4. Prince Akwarandu

Prince Akwarandu Writers HubPrince Akwarandu is one of the facilitators in the on-coming youth event. This young chap is a huge force when it comes to turning ones PASSION INTO PROFITS. He is a published author, productive Blogger, an influencer, a thought leader and an uncommon GEEK. He will be engaging participants at the summit on crucial topical issues about productivity amidst the avalanche of Super-industrial paradoxes. Participants will be exposed to uncommon knowledge menu in his session. He invites you to join us at the weekend; let’s make a golden history to happen.

5. Victor Nwankwo Victor is one of our facilitators in our on-coming youth event. He is CREATIVITY Sync, the Founder of Impact 360 Community, a strong youth mobilizer with sustained influence and a goal-getter. He will be engaging Participants in highly crafted technical session at the event. His session onstage will not be forgotten in a hurry as the young chap has a unique way to drive home every point consciously. Victor is a historic personality with empirical results and productivity quotients. He invites you to join us at YOUTHEDGE on the weekend 28th July.

6. Lynda Ihuoma Ariwodo

Lynda Ihuoma Ariwodo Lynda Ihuoma Ariwodo is one of our facilitators in our on-coming youth event tagged:”YouthEdge”. She is a Lifestyle Coach, a television personality, a youth development specialist, a practical entrepreneur and a strong influencer. She will be engaging Participants in highly crafted technical session at the youth confab. Her session will evolve around emerging entrepreneur in emerging society (emerging markets realities). It is going to be HUGE. She invites you to join us at YOUTHEDGE. Let’s create our history.


Surf-Data Africa

All of us at Surf-Data Africa are excited about your decision to attend this event for an uncommon impartation in Aba, Abia State tagged: “YOUTH EDGE”

It is an imperative event and we all are glad that you are part of it.


Before registration, note that all field is required you input the details. Attendees will be added to an online WhatsApp group for further information. This is a free event for those who are keen to attend, but registration is compulsory.

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