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So you want to write become a contributor at World Writers Hub?

Well, you’re in luck, because we’re always on the lookout to add some awesome talent to our team of Writing Contributors!

But before you start your masterpiece, let’s make sure we are on the same page.

The first thing to note: We don’t accept unsolicited submissions.

We DO not accept brief pitches for blog posts.

The reason we’re a bit tight with our guidelines when it comes to guest submissions is that we take a lot of pride in delivering only the best content to the Writers Hub Community.

So we’re looking for next-level insights from bloggers, writers, and entrepreneurs who have great advice to offer and a knack for writing.

Once you’re on our exclusive list of Contributors, we’ll promote your articles far and wide, including to our email subscribers and social media followers.

Our mission is to give YOU the exposure we can as much as possible.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Read on.


Note: If your pitch does not adhere to the guidelines below, you will not receive a response.


Submission Requirements at World Writers Hub

High Quality

We have some seriously high standards when it comes to our content. So, it has to be high quality.

Make sure you go through multiple revisions and edits before you send for publishing.

Be Original

If your article has been published anywhere else before, we don’t want it.

Target Audience

This writers hub is all about providing quality, actionable content for novice-stage writing start-ups and entrepreneurs, and anything within that ecosystem.

You can check out our previous posts if you need some inspiration on what to write for us.

Long and Short Writing

We don’t have word requirements, but our featured posts tend to run somewhere between 1000 and 2000 words.

The content should be detailed and dive deep, but we don’t want it to drone on or be repetitive.


Contributors must be online when the post goes live and promote on their social media channels and engage (respectfully) with the commenters.


You should be ready to do your part to promote. Let everyone in your networks know about it while we share them too.

Together we can ensure that your post becomes a massive success.


Once published on the World Writers Hub blog, contributors are not permitted to re-post their article on any other websites or media outlets.

Content rights

If we do not end up publishing your contribution, you are free to use the article anywhere else on the web.


How to Pitch For Blog Post Contribution

Tell us your idea. Only the idea, not the finished product.

Please include:

  1. Two to three suggestions for a headline for your idea.
  2. One to two sentences summarizing the main idea of the post, not to exceed 100 words.
  3. A basic outline of what you intend to write, and what direction you want to take.
  4. Links to 3 previous samples that are similar to what you would write for World Writers Hub

Each piece of published content will include a bio box, link to your site and two social media links of your choice.

If your pitch is accepted, then we’ll ask you to submit a draft.

Please note that a successful pitch does not automatically ensure your piece will be published.


Before sending us any contributions or submissions you indemnify us from any claim or impairment that may arise as a consequence of your ‘factual’ statements being fictitious or any infringement of a right of any third-party.

By submitting a contribution, you accept the terms and conditions in relation to each and every single piece within your submission, including but not limited to copy, photographs and illustrations sent to us.

All written content submitted is for the exclusive sole use of World Writers Hub and not to be re-purposed or reused in any other media or on the internet.

By sending us photographs you authorize the following:

We accept everything from text to illustrations to photographs.

However, this is not just for those who have blogs or a website.

If you have a blog a backlink will be added in the bio text box of the author.

And that’s all there is to it.

If you feel like you’re up to scratch and you want to become a part of the World Writers Hub team then go ahead and contact us!


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