3 Best Ways To Grow and Improve Everyday

Growth is a process. It continues adding to our lives so far as we live as humans. It is same way in business. Learning a new skill is not a bad suggestion. It will help improve you creatively. A skill must not be related to your business before you decide whether to learn it or not. It should not be considered so. If you love music, learning how to play piano is very entertaining and promotes life’s happiness. 
Even if you are not an artist but has interest in music, learning any of the instrument if not all may be of a great help to you today, tomorrow and in the future. If you’d like to excel at something else apart from music such as public speaking, invest yourself in it, too, read good books that have great teachings and impacts as related to what you want. Listen to podcasts and you can likewise watch video tutorials.   
You can make Youtube a teacher for your life courses; you’d be overwhelmed of what great help it will be. While watching videos, listening to podcasts and reading books, take notes. These can boost your confidence and help you stay actively ready any where any time.
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It is high time we rise from our comfort zone to a conflict zone. A conflicted zone makes it possible for innovative and creative argument where ideas, thoughts and believe is exchanged with another to know the best suit for a particular thing – say in business.
Is improving your working life a real task that can be achieved? 
Yes, it is. Your productivity might be low at the startup age but do not get low to tiredness even if you make mistakes. We are humans. We are allergic to making mistakes, it is certain. But then, we should not rely and rest on our past mistakes. If we do, there is no chance for success and to improve our working life. The right action must be taken to achieve the right thing, at the right time and in a right format. 
 What to do to keep growing daily is this?

1. Calendar schedule for work and family: Calendar is a great asset that is used to set goals with timed preferences. A calendar helps keep an account of both work and family. Family does have an influence on the values and expectations of every individual. As we grow, we learn from our parents or caregivers because they are our role models. That is the way we do see them as of when we are on growth process. A work paradigm should also involve a person who is more learned on our field of focus. A time table can and should be created when our activity at work is placed and where also we create time for family and friends that are needed within our sphere of existence. 

Do not let yourfamily affect your work. If you work from home, you will understand this phrase better – “don’t let your family affect your work”. Family can be a great shield to one’s success in life. No doubt about that. There are some critic ideas we leave unsolved behind prolonged shadows. Arguing with a spouse is a lot more ugly fragrance than with a colleague in the office; a nuclear family which consists of a father, mother and children. You child’s attitude towards you when you are busy drafting an important document may get you emotionally down and totally discharged off focus. Even a single word from your spouse to you when working from home can keep you disorganized throughout the day. 
2. Know when to say “No” or “Yes”: Make a point of serious consideration on any request that comes your way and check carefully your schedule before taking anything else. Do not accept jobs that you will break down many a time working in it when your schedule are clustered with hard works that requires hard time. Yes, hard time i.e. much time that you have not even an hour to rest. Giving wrong dates when you are sure that their task will not be concluded by then brings in no trust on you from the customers you serve.

Learn to say “No” when needed and “Yes” when necessary.

You will not be doing anyone any good by accepting projects that you won’t be able to do well because you are too overwhelmed to handle them, or by accepting social invitations that you are too stressed out to enjoy. Being punctual to your workers and customers is worth to be in other to avoid work procrastination. 
Do the things that are scheduled out for the day and to be accomplished in a week. Avoid unnecessary complaints to work. Work sincerely on the projects of people which you scheduled out for the day. Make your works neat, not dirty. Be very considerate in the works to refuse, especially those that are above your capacity. Deviate from work in decency. Grow a lasting relationship when your partners by reporting positive answers to their resolved problems you did solved before time or by the time given to respond. 
3. Be open up to communication: What is communication? This is a process of expressing ideas and feelings or of giving people information. Communication can be done in different methods and through different means e.g. telephones, radios, computers etc. Communication process is to exchange information, ideas and news etc. 
Allow people closest to you know what is going on in your work life, to know things you lack, even when things get hectic, so they do not feel like your lowest priority or worse, suddenly abandoned. Keep your mind and ears open to bear and assimilate what they do to you too. It could be your spouse, relatives and friends. When they notice you work too much and get little or no rest and they tells you, listen to them. 
There is generally going to be a better Judge of your behavior and works than you may think. Just be honest to yourself and be honest with the things you say to people though this may seem the very vital question to ask is “Are you really happy with the work you do?” Access your weekly projects and how well you are doing by balancing everything. Be honest – your work is your life. If you cannot face life and be organized you will just slide away.



  •  Leave the office early, period!

  • Try what failed today tomorrow.

  •  Reduce time wasted at work.

  • If you are not happy with the work you do, leave it!

  • Take breaks at work, when exhausted.

  •  Do not forget to make your “to do” list for the next day or week before leaving.

Summary: Growth and positive improvement in works in life need strategy to run it better. Do you want to experience rapid growth in business which you partake in? Apply the required strategies needed for you to reign above your contemporaries, it is possible all you have to do is to believe and start work.


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