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    Blogging Moms To Follow For Successful Blogging

    The blogging power hasn’t gone done yet. Some weeks ago we hammered on the value of having blogging fathers. We’re back with blogging mothers. You know how’s done and the value this comes with, and I want you to stay with me.

    For some days now a few of the blog posts here have been terribly sick.…[Read more]

  • “Rich people don’t elicit much sympathy. It is not about how to save, invest, spend, hide and give away money, but unmasking the true nature of money, how it works. Be the one to create the system that supports the kind of society we desire for ourselves and the future generation.” ― Prince Akwarandu

  • “The rule is easy to understand. Be simple, honest & smart.”
    ― Prince Akwarandu

  • “The integrity of the upright provides guiding principles that help him to achieve his vision. Hard work without integrity will lead to struggles and frustration”
    ― Prince Akwarandu

  • “Recognizing your own progress is a huge part of feeling motivated to do more. Your brain is a great tool for your success. It is hard at work and automating the new things you are doing even when you are taking a break.”
    ― Prince Akwarandu

  • “Don’t ever marry a person you don’t truly love. Don’t believe what people often say, that the love will develop in future.
    Those whose love develop in future are very few. If after a period of time you’ve been dating and the love doesn’t seem to grow, I strongly advise you have to re-think.”
    ― Prince Akwarandu

  • “What you love is a clue to your calling and talent.
    As you assume the responsibilities of the present, take time to enjoy the privileges available to you now. Today’s action will speak better of tomorrow and more.”


    In everything you write you need to make sure you write in simple languages. Using simple language makes it easier for your readers to get the message of your writing. Getting the message is as simple as understanding what you wrote.

    For instance:
    A. I need absolute tranquility in the house.
    B. I need absolute…[Read more]

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