Do You Need to Add Integrity to Your Blogging Campaign?


Do You Need to Add Integrity to Your Blogging Campaign?

In odd moments, certain ideas become clear in your mind.

I realized how over years I sometimes suffered because I did not blog from clear integrity. Don’t get me wrong; I was helpful, generous and fun-loving about it all. But I also lacked pure integrity because I wanted to get something from my readers, at least on some level. Blogging felt fun but also like a weight in some regards simply because I blogged a bit from manipulative energies. I wanted people to do stuff versus being truly helpful and allowing people to do as they wished to do.

Blogging with coercion, manipulation or persuasion in mind lacks integrity. Each energy is fear. Fear scares you into clinging to outcomes. Fear eats into your integrity. Perhaps someone generously serves readers but if the service comes with strings attached, the blogger cannot be truly helping people and detaching from outcomes. Instead of being helpful then exiting stage left you desire a bit for yourself; this is where some lose a bit of integrity. Readers gladly buy or hire based on your generosity and integrity. No one needs to convince readers unless bloggers fear loss of sales, clicks or other calls to action, possibly skipped.

Readers support bloggers who readers trust. No one need convince readers to trust bloggers. Tell the truth. Be helpful. Be detached about it all. Literally, this is it. No more seems to be required. Adding layers to the process including persuasive elements messes with integrity because trying to get readers to do something adds fear to the process. Scared bloggers may lie a little, or pump up claims, or do something lessening integrity. Is losing trust worth the lie? Is losing credibility worth the appearance of gain? Or would it feel better to truly help someone then to allow success to form organically for you through generous service and a deep trust in the blogging process?

Be honest. Help people. Cut the strings of expectation. Anyone can be helpful and let go but few do for letting go entails trusting self and believing in self. Bloggers can self-promote without trying to convince or persuade. Feel free to leave links to eBooks, courses or services but do not try to convince readers to buy your offerings because persuading seems like a slippery slope in terms of trying to maintain your pristine reputation, backed with rock solid integrity.

Do you need to add more integrity to your blogging campaign? Feel your intent. Face your fears. Anyone willing to see self honestly knows whether to add integrity or to keep going on an honest, trusting, detached blogging path. I promoted my eBooks less because I intended to be truly helpful a while back without looking for anything in return. If someone else wishes to buy or promote my eBooks by asking me or by visiting my blog, more power to them. But my job going forward is to help people and allow the outcomes in traffic and profits terms to take care of themselves, organically.

I simply write posts and let go the outcomes to grow organically in the most seamless fashion possible.

Taking this attitude lets me keep my rep clear, clean and manipulation-free. Being in this space energizes me to help more people. Being more helpful energizes me to write more blog posts, to write more guest posts, to publish more videos and to publish more podcasts. We all benefit but I changed my mindset to be who I am being now.

Observe your mind. Do you try to get readers to do something benefitting you or these individuals? Or do you allow readers to do as they do, being detached from outcomes? Go with the latter intent to keep your blogging integrity intact.


One way to blog with integrity is to bond with kind, generous bloggers.

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