Keep Writing: Things Will Improve


Keep Writing: Things Will Improve

One difficult aspect of writing; persisting.

I developed the habit of being persistent through ups, downs and everything in between. I always remember why I write; freedom. Freeing myself to circle the globe and freeing my readers to do the same influences me to keep writing daily, no matter what.

Writers tend to run into all types of blocks. I slammed into a few here and there. But staying the course lets you see the journey through.

Writing taxes you. Facing deep mental blocks concerning your writing ability does not make for a pleasant experience. I became rough on myself for a while. I did not believe in myself as a writer. I also criticized my work terribly. Why write? Nobody would follow my blog or buy my eBooks anyway? Or so I thought.

The only way through these mental blocks was to go through these mental blocks. I kept writing. Eventually, I purged these limiting beliefs. But I only persisted because I got comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I left my writing comfort zone.

Increased writing clarity and confidence found me because I found these qualities through diligent, persistent practice.

Keep writing. Do you feel tired now? Keep writing. Do you doubt yourself? Keep writing. Did you just receive your first 1 star review? Keep writing. Things will improve if you get clear and confident. Getting clear and feeling confident happens if you write your butt off every single day.

I feel comfortable writing because I write thousands of words daily. After writing tens of millions of words over a decade online, I feel clear on my writing style. Practice makes clearer. Practice boosts your confidence.

Keep writing. Keep at it. Things will get better if you put forth a 100% commitment to writing.

Write, write and write some more. Writers expect to gain writing skills but most barely practice. But writing your rear end off boosts your writing skills pronto. Everything depends on your full commitment to writing. Be all in.

Set aside time daily to write 500-1000 words or more. Simple writing offline and online gives you greater confidence. Confident writers gain followers, customers and clients.

Writing is your key skill to develop. Writers need to write every single day. So…..write!

Surround yourself with positive, uplifting bloggers and writers. Feast on their love, support and inspiration. Nobody moves forward surrounding themselves with people who try to hold them back. Self-published author circles sometimes seem plagued by curses like perfectionism, heavy criticism and a general dour, negative, self-tortured attitude. Never hang out with these negative nellies.

Network only with generous, loving, supportive writers and readers who lift you higher, because these folks goad you to keep writing daily, no matter what.

Feed off of a positive environment to keep writing no matter what. I write daily because uplifting readers, writers and fans inspire me to keep writing, no matter how uncomfortable I feel writing. All skills, clarity and confidence find you well outside of your comfort zone.

Invest in inspiring eBooks to test your writing limits. Then…..keep writing.

I write thousands of words daily because I:

  • love this gig
  • developed the habit of being comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • surround myself with supportive writers

But more than anything, I know that writing daily is the simplest way to experience increasing success. Everything will get better if you become skilled, clear and confident. Traffic increases. Sales increase. Profits increase. Everything gets better if you commit 100% to writing.

Greater influence, clout and exposure finds writers who write daily. All upsides flow to diligent writers. Think about it; all you need to do is write daily if you want to improve your writing and business life.



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