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Writing For Profits

21 customer reviews


If you’re looking for the right writing process on how to make money writing online, Writing For Profits is your go-to book. It practically shows you how to launch a profitable writing career.


Here’s a HUGE Misconception;

Writing is not dead…it is actually a bigger business than ever!

The writing business has changed – and even freelance online writing jobs because writing is rich, alive and kicking major butts in businesses.

In fact, Amazon – the Web’s #1 Retailer business recently announced they now sell MORE books on Kindle than they do physical books – these books were written…and that’s the writing you think is dead.

The business of writing is getting BIGGER and there’s never a better or simple time to create, publish and sell your own ideas than now.

Even with all the make money online writing opportunities, most people are still freaking lazy and blowing it when it comes to mastering the business of writing.


In fact, here are 5 biggest mistakes people now make;


1. They either target the wrong audience to sell their ideas or they go after the right market which doesn’t even exist
2. They have no clue how to choose the right platform to market themselves, hence, they lose massive sales
3. They don’t understand how the online marketplace works when it comes to creating compelling content
4. They don’t understand the simple writing process of creating unique content that sells FAST
5. They don’t understand the right business MODEL to follow through to make money writing for profits, offering value in return!


But luckily for you reading this right now, there’s a NEW solution for you.


Introducing “Writing For Profits: Inspiring Confidence To Launch A Profitable Career.”


This book has all-new ideas you need right now if you’re struggling on how to make money writing online.


To grab a copy, scroll up and click “Add To Cart” and there you go. Boom!


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21 reviews for Writing For Profits

  1. Chukwuemeka Kalu

    Am Chukwuemeka Kalu, Lead coach at the University of Ant.

    Prince Akwarandu’s book (Writing For Profits) is a Masterpiece for everyone who wants to build capacity and turn Writing into a Profitable skill.

    After reading “Writing For Profits” my content creation strategies changed and my post on social started pulling in best engagements.

    I endorse “Writing For Profits”. If you want to scale up your writing skill, go get this book.

  2. Ayomide

    My name is OLUWUYI Ayomide Maryam. I am Medical Laboratory Scientist and Writer.

    I read WRITING FOR PROFITS because I wanted to hone my writing skills. Before then I had stopped writing for a blog because I was stuck with no direction.

    Reading WRITING FOR PROFITS, I learned that writing can be learned, developed and can be fun too. I realized that determination and consistency are key. One key lesson I learnt was that writing should convey a message.

    After reading, I realized that indeed something good can come from writing. If you want to make profits from writing and also hone your writing skills then you should read this book.

  3. Festus Ekama

    I am Festus Ekama. An entrepreneur and digital marketer.

    Reading Writing For Profits by Prince Akwarandu is one of the best decision I have ever made this year.

    Although I’m yet to finish it, the little I have read, I have really gained a lot of knowledge and strategies about writing.

    Writing For Profits is easy and fun to read, it opens your eyes to the in-depth knowledge of writing.

    It teaches you not just to write for fun, but to be consistent and know your “why” of writing to influence people and also profit from it.

    I never regretted reading it, and I will read it over and over again until it fully sinks into my head. As an up and coming writer, Writing For Profits has really broadened my knowledge about writing and I would advise with all honestly to as many who want to better their craft and take their writing to another level to get this book without a second thought.

  4. Tokede Kolawole

    I’m Tokede Kolawole.

    Writing For Profits by Prince Akwarandu is an awesome book that’s easy, fun and rewarding to read because he simplified the process and strategies to build a profitable writing career.

    I learnt from the book that the three key factors of fiction are seed, growth and delivery.

    In order to write effectively, one needs to;

    Understand the basics, put yourself out there, be practical and sound practical too, don’t be a slave to laziness.
    Lastly, you need to plan your writing.

    Writing for Profits is a book that would serve as a great companion to every writer and aspiring writer.

  5. Chidiebere Okoro

    I am Chidiebere Okoro.

    Reading Writing For Profits by Prince Akwarandu was a unique experience. I can’t find the right words to use, but the book is what every writer looking to earn from writing should read.

    An aspect that I really love is how practical this book is. It felt as though Prince was talking to me directly.

    The book is a great help with practical steps, on how to earn from your writing and other related areas of improvement.

  6. Temperance Anaughe

    This masterpiece by Prince is a great tool every writer and intending writer should read to enhance his or her writing skills for profitability.

    It carries simple and practical steps to step up the game of writing.

    You should maximise it as an opportunity to excel.

    You will Excel!

  7. Sonia

    I just finished reading the book “Writing for Profits” by Prince Akwarandu and all I could do was let out the breath I have been holding, blinked my eyes for the first time since I last remembered and asked myself just one question.

    “So you have been parading, calling yourself a writer when you haven’t read Writing For Profits?”

    The first thing that struck me was the “DOCA” rule which is:

    1. Defining your purpose
    2. Organizing your purpose
    3. Communicating your purpose and lastly
    4. Applying your purpose

    You see once this four element can be implemented there is no stopping you.

    He also gave practical steps on how you can furnish that idea into a good read book and also dust off that long-aged intention of writing a book.

    Another thing that I got was when he talked about the limiting factors of most writers and discovered I had three problems:

    1. I don’t sleep well
    2. No exercise
    3. Don’t eat healthily.

    Reading from great minds on the future of writers and what it holds boosted my spirit of not letting go of my writing career.

    Indeed Writing for Profits was worth every second I invested in reading it, you should read it too.

  8. Akobundu Kelechi

    Writing For Profits written by Prince Akwarandu is a highly enriched book written in a very simplified way that even a dunderhead can easily understand. It was very insightful to read.

    The author, Prince Akwarandu is qualified to write it because he is well versed with pronounced flare as a hobby and gift. He understands people’s need and proffers solutions in terms of writing.

    Remarkably, the book delivered on its promise by revealing the easily structured pathway to be fulfilled through writing. Noteworthy to acknowledge here are phrases such as “make writing a habit”, “master the writing business”, “do away with odd beliefs”, “take the bold step to fall”, etc.

    The book is intellectually honest in every way. The book basically contributed to broadening people’s mind on what is writing and how to go about it. It changed my perspective entirely about and gave a new platform to operate. Of course, the book is embedded with solutions to problems encountered in the course of writing and how to go about it.

  9. Nzedigwe Jude Ikechukwu

    In this book, “WRITING FOR PROFITS,” the Author gave deep insight that would aid everyone who wishes to wield the power of the pen in an easy-to-read format.

    He dropped powerful nuggets and tips, highlighted probable challenges writers faced and proffered solutions to them.

    Prior to now, I didn’t know there was a relationship between my eating, resting and exercising habits and my writings.

    In all honesty, I feel everyone who thinks of themselves as writers should have this book in their bookshelves.

    This book helped me when I got it. It will help you too…I know so.

  10. Chisom Blessing Onyibor

    I’m Chisom Blessing Onyibor. I’m a graduate of English, a creative writer, and a podcaster.

    Writing for Profits by Sir Prince Akwarandu is not just a book but a blessing for anyone who wishes for a profitable career in writing.

    His amazing book prepares you mentally, emotionally, physically etc on what it takes and will take you in your writing journey.

    For me, the summary of his first chapter resonates with me. Most times we appreciate people so much that we lose sight of ourselves. We tend to forget (as he puts it) that only me can be me and only you can be you.

    Are you also like me with a thin skin to people’s criticisms which can also come as derogatory remarks? I beseech you to get a copy of this paradigm-shifting book.

    You’ll be glad you did. I recommend it to every lover of books that desires or have a career in writing.

  11. Mmesoma Victory

    Prince Akwarandu is not just a writer but one who is passionate about writing and has learned the pros and cons of writing.

    One of the things I love about the book “Writing For Profits” by Prince Akwarandu is that it’s very detailed with practical ways to hone your writing skills.

    He explained ways to overcome what people call “writers’ block” and more on how to creatively write up to 10,000 words. He also explained the importance of planning your book using an outline so you don’t write a book to no ends.

    There are many lessons to learn in this book.

    Writing for Profits is a good read for anyone who wants to understand the concept of writing.

  12. Mmesoma Victory

    Prince Akwarandu is not just a writer but one who is passionate about writing and has learned the pros and con’s of writing and I recommend his book “Writing For Profits” to anyone who wants to build a sustainable career in writing.

    One of the things I love about the book ” writing for profits ” is that it’s very detailed with explicit and practical ways to horn your writing skills.

    I learned how to overcome what people call “writers’ block” and more so, how to creatively write up to 10,000 words, plan a book using an outline so as not to write to no end and how I can physically and mentally build my self to stay motivated to write.

    There is a lot to be learned from the book.

    It is a good read for everyone who wants to launch into a sustainable career in writing.

  13. Mmesoma Ejiofor

    Writing for Profits is a pure masterpiece. Mr. Prince, the author, poured in me the best strategies money can’t buy.

    The tone got to me because it made the message very easy for me to understand.

    It has woken me to the world of profit-making with words on paper.

    I totally recommend this book to every writer who is tired of hobby writing.

    My name is Ejiofor Mmesoma, social media marketer and business enthusiast.

  14. Chidera Ochuagu

    Writing for Profits is a book for every writer. You can never grab all the knowledge embedded in the book in just one reading.

    It’s truly every writer’s guide to fulfillment, impact, and income.

    Chidera Ochuagu.
    Lagos, Nigeria.

  15. Abdulwahab Ashimi

    Writing For Profits is an eye-opening guide for every writer, Pro Or “Noob”, irrespective of your niche you get to learn something from this book.

    Reading the book was exciting, you might need to read this book over and over again because it’s interesting.

    The Writer, Prince Akwarandu, is a top-notch one and this book is really inspiring and has given me, a lot of courage to want to write.

    The book is very descriptive and makes you picture the world from each alphabet to each sentence. You will marvel at how much you gain from reading this book.

    I guarantee you a great deal of success if you really read this book and apply what you learn.

    Abdulwahab Adebowale Ashimi
    Abuja, Nigeria

  16. Chikere Chinwendu Matilda

    “Every good house is determined by the foundation, any good writing is determined by the level of passion the writer has for the Subject” – Prince Akwarandu.

    I started with this quote in the book because it summarizes the message of the book. The author sees writing as the art of farming, which takes patience, consistency, and dedication to cultivate and grow.

    Everyone can be a writer, it just depends on a personal decision to learn the skill, channel your emotions properly, and groom your mind to be able to produce what you need at any point in time.

    It also addresses the issue of the fear of writing. It’s possible to know what to write but you are scared of the best way to convey the idea so the author outlined some steps one can take to get over the fear.

    The first step being “Write from the heart”: this step puts you in a position to convey all the emotions that motivated the writing; the reader also feels and relates to it.

    It is the passion to communicate that the reader notices and sticks to the piece. Writing from the heart gives you the energy to continue writing.

    Passion also helps the writer to find a niche, engage the audience and still satisfy them.

    The book is realistic, practical and easy to understand. It also includes a step by step guide to becoming not just a skilled writer but a successful person.

    It’s a 187-page practical book. Get Yours!

  17. Joy Okwori

    I am Joy Okwori.

    A writer, poet, and a storyteller.

    Once I had flipped through the pages of this book and right now the joy I felt as at that time, is quite inexpressible.

    Are you a writer seeking ways to earn from what you are most passionate about? Then don’t look too far. This book has got lots of answers to your unanswered questions.

    You ought to earn from writing and how do you go about it? What do you do to earn? Just go ahead and get the book, then thank me later.

    Prince Akwarandu had you in mind when writing this book, and he is someone whose knowledge awes me any day, anytime.

    Let that writing career skyrocket beyond your imagination, all you need to do is get the book and gain the knowledge.

  18. Victoria Olayemi

    I got so much value from reading Writing For Profits.

    It improved my writing skills and I must confess that there’s no day I read this book over and over that I don’t get value from it.

    The Author, Prince Akwarandu dished out some key secrets every writer or intending writers must know.

    It exposed a lot of secrets to the toughest problems of writers.

    Every page of this book is full of inspiration.

    I recommend this book to you today and I bet you won’t regret you do so,

    Order now for your own copy if you are yet to do that.

  19. Sunny Fileme

    I’m Sunny Fileme. Well reading “Writing for Profits” by Prince Akwarandu was really an eye-opener for me.

    The book was so easy to read. The author’s style of writing made him qualified to write such a great book as this.

    Just as the name of the book goes, “Writing for Profits” when reading well you know how you can earn while writing and not just as a hobby.

    I recommend this book to every aspiring writer out there.

  20. Faith David

    My name is Faith David. I am a Biochemist and Writer and I was opportune to come across the book “Writing For Profits” by Prince Akwarandu and I can say that it is an amazing book.

    It is fun, easy to read and understand and I gained a lot from this book even though I have been into writing for 2 years now.

    It is eye-opening and motivating, it kills fear and procrastination and it helped moved me out of my comfort zone.

    Prince gave amazing writing tips and techniques and he also gave ways that you can overcome your fear of writing

    He showed how you can overcome the toughest writing problems.

    This book made me fall in love with writing the more because I now see writing with a different eye.

    Thanks, Prince for this wonderful book and more ink to your pen.

  21. Oboshi Jessica. O .

    The book “Writing For Profits” was really an eye-opener for me. At first, the main aim was to learn how to create a perfect blog content but by the time I was done, I found out that it was way beyond writing blog content.

    The author, Prince Akwarandu nailed it when he talked about planning by knowing the purpose of your writing and how it will help your readers solve their problems with your writing, and when I was done with this book I could figure out where I’ve been missing it and the steps to take to be on the right track which I have been following and believe me, there has been a clear difference.

    I will recommend this book to every aspiring writer who is willing to go the extra mile.

    Writing For Profits serves as a great help with practical steps on how to hone your writing skills.

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