1 Way to Market Your Blog on a Budget

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1 Way to Market Your Blog on a Budget

I love marketing my blog on a budget.

Although I pay for a VPN, I have largely saved a great deal over a decade. I enjoy bootstrapping.

One simple way exists for getting max bang for your budgeting buck and it costs not a penny.

What strategy?

Bond with influencers. Form friendships with influential bloggers. Be of service to them.

Comment genuinely on their blogs. Promote top bloggers on social media. Feature top bloggers on your blog. Bonds form.

Befriending top bloggers inspires these pros to promote you, endorse you, buy your stuff and hire you.

Every single action does not cost you one bit. But you do pay in time, energy and generosity to make this strategy a reality.

Nothing is free in this world. Especially clout from influencers.

Clever Strategy

Imagine building a bond with me, as Prince did. We co-created to help each other out and to help our communities.

Prince invited me to guest post on World Writers Hub.

He even gave me publishing rights. I took him up on the opportunity and write and publish guest posts. We both market each other and each other’s blogs for free.

100% free marketing, every time I write a guest post and tweet it to my readers.

Plus every time Prince retweets my guest posts, he markets me to his audience, once again, for free.

What an elegant and simple system. Generously help top bloggers. Make friends with top bloggers.

Inspire top bloggers to promote you, to be the recipient of free marketing.

Perfect for Budgeting Blogger

In my blog budgeting eBook, I note in chapter 3 how to build a network of influential friends through blog commenting.

Publish comments genuinely on top blogs in your niche. Patiently, friendships blossom. Blogging friends retweet you, Share your posts on Facebook and mention you on their blogs.

These 3 forms of free marketing work perfectly for budgeting bloggers because instead of spending a pretty penny on Facebook ads, your influential blogger buddy marketed you and your blog for free in front of their huge, loyal, targeted audience, and a trusting audience at that.

The catch? Effort. Your effort. Your generous service, time, patience and persistence allow you to blog effectively on a tight budget through the leveraging power of a genuine blogger outreach campaign.

Generous effort goes into bonding with top bloggers. Patience, persistence and detachment is the 3 pronged approach followed by any blogger keen to befriend influential bloggers.

The free marketing pub is well worth the generous effort. Believe you me.

Pay Up to Play Up

Pay up in terms of commenting on top blogs, promoting top bloggers and detaching from outcomes to play up, or play higher, in blogging circles. Everything improves blogging-wise if you improve as a blogger. Paying in terms of spending time and energy to generously network involves an energetic commitment bringing great returns over the long haul.

Why do you think I am awake at 11:10 PM on Saturday night writing this post?

I love helping people and I enjoy building friendships with awesome bloggers like Prince.

He is an up and coming star. I love paying up to play up in higher blogging circles, surrounding myself with rocking bloggers like him.

But I needed to pay in terms of time, energy and generous service to increase my skills and exposure to the point where he took me up on my offer to guest post on his blog.

Just because this is a free marketing method does not mean you get to avoid paying in terms of work and generosity.

Put in the time. Work your tail off. Befriend pros. Observe as your influential buddies market your blog for free.


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