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The Ninja Strategy To Become A Productive Writer

Proven strategies to become a productive writer.
I often spend hours at a time in the AfriHub (ICT unit) of my college in school.I turn off my devices and think, create, plan and write.

Zero interruptions. Pure focus. Massive results.

When it comes to productivity, we all face the same challenge—there are only 24 hours in a day.

Since even the best ideas are worthless until they’re executed, how efficiently you use your time is as important as anything else in business.

I’ve become fascinated by productivity secrets because some people seem to have twice the time, and there’s no better way to reach your goals than by finding ways to do more with the precious time you’ve been given.

You get up at 5 am. Win the battle of the bed. Put mind over mattress.

This habit alone will strengthen your willpower so it serves you more dutifully in the key areas of your life.

It feels incredible when you leave the office after an ultra-productive day. In my experience you don’t need to work longer or push yourself harder—you just need to work smarter.

I’ve learned to rely on productivity hacks that make me far more efficient. I try to squeeze every drop out of every hour without expending any extra effort.

Sometimes I write a Stop Doing List. This is because every productive person obsessively sets To Do Lists. But those who play at world-class also record what they commit to stop doing.

Steve Jobs said that what made Apple was not so much what they chose to build but all the projects they chose to ignore.

  • Why buy your groceries at the time the store is busiest?
  • Why go to movies on the most popular nights?
  • Why hit the gym when the gym’s completely full?

It is your duty to get things right the first time. Because, most people are wildly distracted these days. For this one reason they make mistakes.

To unleash your productivity, become one of the special performers who have the mindset of doing what it takes to get it flawless first. This saves you days of having to fix problems.

People fell and are still falling in love with me because it is me, accompanied with my productive status. They will also fall in love with you because it is you: if you follow the easy-to-do steps I’ll b sharing in this post.

After reading a lot of articles and dozens of books, I’ve discovered there are only six real ways to be more productive.

Some people do equate productivity with working harder. Some of us eventually wise up and think about how we can work smarter. But, we almost never think about how to be more courageous.

Most persons looking to boost their results to make people fall in love with them start by working harder because it’s the most visible form of productivity.

I will be sharing six of my favorite hacks and the easy-to-implement with you.

Proven Tactics To Become Super Productive

1. Plan your activities

As soon as something gets your attention you should act on it, delegate it, or delete it.

Take 15 to 25 minutes to plan your day the night before.

This is an habit to adopt that yields phenomenal benefits.

Some people work more hours and sleep less, giving less rest to their body. It may as well be due to worry and/or anxiety.

Planning your day the night before should crush this problem of lack of sleep.

When we plan our day the night before, we wake up ready to hit the ground running knowing exactly what has to get done.
Lack of sleep mostly comes from thinking about all you have to do the next day.

This makes the mind restless, and it becomes much more difficult to get a good night’s rest.

When you plan your day it helps you to say no to things when needed.

No is a powerful word that you’re going to have to wield.

When it’s time to say no, avoid phrases such as I don’t think I can or I’m not sure.
Saying NO to a new commitment honors your existing commitments and gives you the opportunity to successfully and efficiently fulfill them.

The more difficulty that you have saying no, the more likely you are to experience stress, burnout, and even depression.

Learn to use no, and it will lift your mood, as well as your productivity.

2. Eat enough frogs

This has been an absolute game changer for me.

To pull this off you’re going to have to eat some frogs.

“Eating a frog” is doing the least appetizing, most dreaded item on your to-do list.

If you let your frogs sit, you waste your day dreaming them. If you eat them right away, then you’re freed up to tackle the stuff that excites and inspires you.

As I’ve continued to study successful people and meet individuals I respect and admire.

I’ve learned that courage is undeniably the biggest differentiators between eating the small and big frogs.

There’s a well-known evolutionary reason behind the reason why people don’t strive to eat enough frogs.

3. Get the little things done

First, we can learn from others who have come before us. Books are just the beginning. Reading gives us explicit knowledge, which can be readily articulated and verbalized.

It does not, however, give us tacit knowledge — basically, everything else that counts.

Having read a piece or probably an article or a book on how to get stuff done, it is your duty to do the work. If you don’t do the work you won’t see the result.

Endeavor to always fight the tyranny of urgent. It is a must-do, do it.

The tyranny of the urgent refers to the tendency of little things that have to be done right now to get in the way of what really matters. This creates a huge problem as urgent actions often have little impact. The key here is to delete or delegate.

Otherwise, you can find yourself going days, or even weeks, without touching the important stuff. You’ll need to get good at spotting when putting out fires is getting in the way of your performance, and you’ll need to delete or delegate the things that hinder real forward momentum and building the good rapport with people.

4. Avoid disturbing people

People hate disturbance.

How many times throughout your day has someone come into your office and interrupted you just to talk about nonsense?

You may get interrupted via text, phone or email throughout your day.

If you work in an office, set up a “Do Not Disturb” sign when it’s time to get important work done. If you work from home or outside of an office, set a policy so people know not to call or interrupt you during certain time blocks.

5. Check your email on a schedule

People love getting responses to a sent email within 24 – 48hrs time interval after sending out the email. When I sent an invitation email to some experts who shared their ideas and experiences on the secret to write effectively as an entrepreneur I’d this fellow who replied at about a week after the post was published.

I never hated him for doing what he did. But, I had this odd feeling despite the excuse he gave for replying when he did. As at that time it was late. He should have learn his lesson of replying mails, at least on time. You should check your mail at least two times a day despite your busy schedule. Early in the morning and at night before you go to bed.

Management guru Peter Drucker said, “Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing.”

I know and have studied many people who work hard and work smart but nevertheless seem to accomplish far less than they’re capable of doing.

You should check e-mail on a schedule, taking advantage of features that prioritize messages by sender.

Set alerts for your most important vendors and best customers, and save the rest until the scheduled time. You could even set up an auto-responder that lets senders know when you’ll be checking your e-mail again.

6. Multitask with common sense

Most people lack courage because they fail to make the distinction between real and perceived task. If we perceive a high cost of failure, we say, “It might not work.”

That scares us, and we hedge. Instead of focusing, we split our attention among different projects, not giving anyone the attention it needs to succeed.

To make my system work, you’re also going to have to avoid multitasking. It’s a real productivity killer.

Research conducted at Stanford University confirms that multitasking is less productive than doing a single thing at a time.

The researchers found that people who are regularly bombarded with several streams of electronic information cannot pay attention, recall information or switch from one job to another as well as those who complete one task at a time.

Multitasking reduces your efficiency and performance because your brain can only focus on one thing at a time.

When you try to do two things at once, your brain lacks the capacity to perform both tasks successfully.

Never touching things twice means only touching one thing at a time.


We’re all searching for ways to be more efficient and productive.

I hope my productivity hack helps you to find that extra edge as a writer.

To actually become the most productive person fall in love with, you must first decide to do so.

Don’t beat yourself up over how unproductive you’ve been or relish over how productive someone else is.

This will never get you to where you need to go.

Prince Akwarandu

Prince Akwarandu

Badass Writer, Brand Storyteller, and Blogger. I help people become prolific writers and published authors teaching them with the right tools on how to grow their writing style, influence, and earnings without compromising their price, purpose, and promise.

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