Blogging Disgust: A Growth Accelerant


Blogging Disgust: A Growth Accelerant

Some of my most profound blogging growth occurred after periods of intense, utter blogging disgust.

I slammed into a few horrible obstacles during my 12 year blogging career. The genuinely hellish nightmares woke me up. I realized huge, damaging, massive mistakes I had been making for months or even years. Feeling lost, hopeless and almost ready to quit blogging proved to be a springboard for exponential blogging growth. Everything changed – because I changed – solely due to me hitting blogging rock bottom.

Feeling enraged, embarrassed, ashamed and depressed cleared each of these deep fears from my being. Clearing each deep fear helped me see clearly. I moved in a more prospering direction because I moved away from a more poverty-focused direction. But I only moved away from poverty because I faced, felt and released fears fueling my poverty conscious ways, courtesy of the pure disgust I experienced and embraced during dark times, in my online world.

Have you become disgusted with your blogging campaign? Sit with these energies. Feel these emotions intimately. No one loves feeling horrible. I certainly despised feeling disgusted, hopeless and flat out enraged, during my lowest points online. But I only grew because I basked in these heavy emotions. I only clearly saw my blogging mistakes because I faced, felt and released fears fueling my mistakes.

Observe my current guest posting campaign. I have written and published 3 or more guest posts daily for at least a year and a half. Why? What influenced me to make such a decision? I became utterly disgusted with my blog a little bit prior to my guest posting blitz. Feeling completely hopeless, lost and enraged felt horrible but I cleared fears fueling my stingy guest posting campaign. I stopped holding back. I became prolific. I guest posted once daily for years and usually published 3 guest posts daily for most of this time frame.

I never would have been a prolific guest poster if I did not feel disgusted and if I did not hit one blogging rock bottom a while back. Anger, frustration and sadness became a growth accelerant, urging me forward, serving as a springboard toward greater blogging success. I never, ever would be the blogger I am today unless I got fed up enough with the blogger I used to be. Does that make sense? All bloggers need to grow out of more primitive, less advanced, less developed states to become more advanced, more developed, highly polished bloggers. Facing hardship is almost always a growth catalyst on such a blogging journey because few humans feel driven, focused and committed without some hardship to prod them along during tough blogging times.

Rather than complaining about your blogging disgust, feel the fears fueling these emotions to make this annoyance a practical experience. Sit with these energies. Purge fear fueling your failures. Sit with pain feeding your mistakes. See corrections to your errors. Find the solution to your ills. Proceed in a more successful, prospering blogging direction. Allow your anger, frustration and pain to become a catalyst toward greater blogging growth and worldly freedom.

Do not stop after you hit blogging rough patches. Keep going. Allow your freeing vision to pull you through tough times. Face, feel and release your fears. See your errors. Correct your mistakes to accelerate your blogging growth.

Blogging gets easier if you knife through tough blogging times.


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