Do You Outsource Your Blogging Campaign?


Do You Outsource Your Blogging Campaign?

Bloggers tend to overlook outsourcing as a dependable means of scaling.

For example, my web developer completely built my theme from scratch. He did work I can not do. If I tried to do that development and designing work I would have spent 10 or 20 or 50 hours fumbling around with programming code before throwing in the towel. Imagine how much I would have scaled during that 50 hours of work blogging-wise? While screwing up programming code I could have been expanding my reach through blogging, guest blogging and networking.

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Outsourcing scales your blogging campaign. Hire people to do work you cannot do. Allow these pros to scale for you as you scale through what you do best. My developer did what I can not do. He designed a theme to scale my presence. I spent each hour he worked on my theme blogging, guest blogging and networking to scale my presence. Peep the synergy. Both parties scaled to get the job done.

Do you believe scaling is outside of your budget? Imagine how expensive blogging becomes if you refuse to scale or outsource? People think of expensive investments in terms of money. Folks rarely think of expensive investments in terms of time. Bloggers fear wasting or losing arbitrary amounts of money. But do the same bloggers fear losing 10,000 hours of time screwing up blogging because they feared paying a skilled pro to handle some outsourced job? Do you see how easily humans give in to the terror of losing money but traipse around beyond ignorant about losing the precious gift humans know as time?

Outsource. Pay someone to handle work for you. Benefit by accessing their skills, knowledge and expertise. Scale. Expand your reach. Save precious time. You and I can always increase money we earn after investing money but we cannot get back time once the time passes. Face your money fears. Feel your money fears. Be with these energies. Release your money fears. Outsource. See money invested as a way to increase your freedom. Reframing outsourcing investments goads you to invest in your freedom.

See outsourcing as a way to free yourself from time. Humans run around like headless chickens for all of the time spent racing, straining and striving. Imagine investing money to give yourself 4 hours, 10 hours of 100 hours of free time, based on the length and scale of your outsourced project. Does having 100 hours of free time sound worth a healthy financial investment? You can always make more money to replenish then add to your financial investment but no one can buy 100 hours once the 100 hours passes

I feel grateful to have called the shots time-wise for my life over the past 14 years. Investing money, time and energy into being a blogger gave me free time to make my own schedule. Being free to use time how I wish to use time is the ultimate gift. Owning ample free time to travel, to work on my mindset, to enjoy life with friends and family and to rest when I wish to rest genuinely has no price tag. I see how most folks engineer a life of little to no free time and wonder how one maintains sanity being scheduled to the minute. Do these folks understand that you never get time back?


Remember this; you are not wasting your time, bloggers.

Check out this video for a powerful message:

Bloggers: You Are Not Wasting Your Time

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