What are Jobs of a Digital Nomad?

People like traveling.

And It is not a bad idea to make some money while you travel?

So, in this post, I am going to discuss the jobs of a digital nomad/traveler.

Before we take a look at the life of a digital nomad and what kind of work/job they are into first let us discuss what a digital nomad is.


What is a Digital Nomad?

Digital nomads are from those natured people who make the most out of telecommunication technologies to make a living, in simpler terms, lead their lives in a nomadic style.

This kind of workers most frequently operates not in a traditional way offshore country or nations that are overseas or from a local cafe or a public library, co-working spaces or recreational spaces.

These digital nomads get their work done only through the utilization of devices or equipment that have the capability of connecting to the internet through wireless technologies.

This includes smartphones or the mobile hotspot feature of the phone or device. The digital nomads that are successful often have a financial cushion.

The members of this community arrange a number of events that are performed by the community members themselves.

Digital nomads are of various types that define the status of these nomads which generally include refugees, people of a younger age or they may be entrepreneurs.

The main purpose of a digital nomad job is to allow the people to work from their place of comfort (home), and comfortable time with the use of the web.

I will not force you to become a digital Nomad but You learn the ways to make money while sitting at home too.


What’s the Reason Behind Turning into a Digital Nomad?

Why would anyone work in any field, any profession any job? Yes, what do we need the most? Money yes that’s it okay what apart from that not all of us want to work just for money.

Some people work for financial independence while some want to work just according to what and how they want things to roll up?

The other reasons could be minimized full-time employment, political instability as well as the high cost of living in their own respective countries.


What Are the Jobs of a Digital Nomad?

There are a huge number of jobs or services that are offered by digital nomads. Some may include famous and renowned jobs like

1. Content Writer

As described by the Content writing institute, a content writer is the one who uses his skill for strategic writing approach which stresses building up the creative, distributive value, relevant and non-altered content to retain and create a more clear audience rate.

In simpler words, the job of a content writer is a constant and never-ending practice which means the production for better circulation of content that could help to market a particular product or to create a brand image in the market.

Content writing is a terrific work to do if you have Basic English speaking skills. Apart from that for a person who could speak English, it is the easiest job as well as it is an accessible be used anywhere to earn.


2. Travel Agent

It is quite often when a person faces some questions while looking at things professionally whether you want to work in an office space or whether it is an open space-which means the travel agent is wherever his heart desires to be.

The job of a digital nomad job as a travel agent is where you travel, see some amazing places and earn which is an additional benefit of being a travel agent.

These travel agents live their hearts out while they are enjoying the journey as well as getting paid for the same on the other contrary part.

Despite the travel agent being a digital nomad is his or her very own boss, should be available but only to an extent. That means the person should be available but only during business hours, not all the time.

Like I am Currently Living in Amritsar and I also Help people to explore my city and Even help them to plan a tour offline as well as online through my website Amritsar World.

Likewise, a digital nomad can do the same or can try it using the same formula.


3. WordPress Developer

Being a WordPress developer is one of the most known jobs to do. Talking about the numbers, WordPress nearly accounts for about 27% of the internet.

The Word Press is nothing but the required schema to develop simple web pages that could be easy to edit by developers as well as for the client use.

Simple web pages refer to lite web pages of huge websites or development of small web pages for the business that just demand an online presence with a single, simple and easy to operate the website.


4. Mobile App Developer

Today we have apps for anything and almost everything isn’t it? Need medicines, want to do shopping, want to take an insurance cover, buy/rent or sell anything,

Yes, we in today’s era have an app for all purposes. Apps developers are highly demanded in both the operating systems (os) whether it is Apple or Android.

Google and Apple nearly control over 99% of the software market. An app developer may choose whether to be an apple or an android app developer.

For Android apps developing Java-Based programming and for IOS the developers specifically use the (Swift-based programming) or if a developer opts to develop for both frameworks like React Native could be used.


5. Hub spot Specialist

Hub spot is defined as the mighty marketing automation tool that most of the businesses consider and utilize to cultivate and flourish internal marketing campaigns.

After it’s an introduction to the market it has been considered as the right option to go with by more than 30 thousand businesses.

And this has been proved to be quite profitable to the organizations using it.


6. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is a broad term that usually means to a freelancer which enables them with the professional administration, technical, or creative assistance to the clients.

In a manner of speaking the sales and marketing protocols mentioned is a part of the Virtual Assistant’s job. It is more generalized.

A Virtual Assistant design deals with all the creative work as well as deal with websites and various marketing aspects which works with all the stack of the marketing rules.


7. Graphic Designer

If a freelancer is creative and is having all the creative abilities, then he may consider graphic designing as a good option to go with as an independent Graphic designer.

Most of the time graphic designers may use different software for his work which may be Maya, Autodesk, etc for creating various designs that are related and could be used for marketing a particular brand, product, logo, etc.

If a freelancer knows how to operate Maya and Photoshop app then he may easily earn the comfort of working at home using his abilities and creativity to get the job done.


8. Freelance Translator

Being a translator might sound an easy and quite tackle-able task but it is not as it looks like. But if a freelancer is bilingual and has mastered how to translate slightly well, then the person is off to a good head start.

Being a freelance translator allows you to get the job done with the help of a few tools as well as the freedom of freelancing independently.

There are various websites that offer a good pay for working as a translator. You might get a little over half a dollar for translating a minute of audio or video file.


9. Video Editor

This freelancing profession exceptionally pays well and is quite trending nowadays. A video editor job is quite creative as well as is a challenging work that could be tackled.

This is because trimming a video or cutting it short is easy while editing it and adding several effects that may meet the requirements is quite challenging.

This has great potential because most websites, as well as advertising agents, require the freelance video editors in quite big numbers.



So as written in the above pointers one can just try to think and imagine the opportunities over the internet.

It has been brought to light that whether young or experienced personnel along with their abilities could do much more than anyone could foresee.

So with the help of your computer and internet while on the move could put a few dollars in your pockets while traveling as a digital nomad.

Written by Robin Khokhar

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