A Coal Among Diamonds (Poem)

I will dine with
my thoughts. I will
find happiness in my
imaginations. I will find
peace in the quietness of
my room. Among candles
that are standing straight,
I am just a candle, that
is lying flat. Hear the
voices around but I am
one with my self alone.

I am like a tree in a
field with no other trees.
I am all alone, even
in a crowd. In my room,
do I find company.
My pillow and my bed
are but my Friends.
Do I go out and find
some others Like me?

Oh no! I remember the last time.
I would be like a coal,
in the gathering of diamonds.
I alone I find solace in the
quietness of my room.
I would shy away,
from the looks I get.

I would get hurt by
the words I hear
I will feel pains, by
the actions I see.
In the quietness of my
room let me be

I want only to lie, on
this bed and let me travel
in my imaginations.
In my imaginations, I hope to
find friends that would hold
my hands and smile at me.

If I do go out to meet the world,
What do I say will my voice,
not irritate their ears?
I want to sit down here
in my room and on my
bed. It loves me, and never
will push me away…

About the Poem

This poem is about a teenager, who feels rejected and is scared of going out into the world, for fear of what will happen again. He must have been rejected and talked down on, the last time he tried.

He finds peace and friendship in his room. In his imagination, he has friends that have accepted him, and he creates a world of his own.

Even though around him, there are voices, he fears his voice will irritate their ears so he lies on his bed. Where he feels comfortable and loved.

Written by Joy Okwori

Poet, Writer and Storyteller. I help you build the passion to write, and keep ink flowing on paper.

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