Online shopping 2020 is going to be a massive venture. If you pay attention at all to shopping statistics, you know that online commerce is really changing the face of how we shop and how businesses function.

Worldwide, e-commerce has reached a value of nearly $3 trillion, and a wide majority of Americans with more disposable income regularly shop online.

Online shopping feels like it’s a recent invention, but the first inklings of what has become a modern behemoth actually started a quarter of a century ago.

That’s when Americans found shopping on the television on networks such as the Home Shopping Network. Of course, they had to call in to place an order and give payment, but that’s a low-tech iteration of what’s happening now with stored payment plans and customer profiles.

What does the history of e-commerce teach us and what does the future look like for online shopping, and online shoppers? This graphic helps to explain it.

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Online Shopping Statistics