Some weeks back, Ryan Biddulph talked about 5 branding tips for bloggers. Today, my focus will be on showing you how the right tips for branding your blog successfully.

In a sea of profitable digital careers that have taken off in recent years, blogging is perhaps one of the most desirable ones every wordsmith is eager to try.

As a blogger, you get the chance to speak your truth, share your experiences, start important conversations, give meaningful advice to those who need it, and find yourself in front of millions of eager eyes who will support your efforts.

However, it’s not enough to just have the skill to write or the means to create meaningful content, whether it’s traveling, making delicious food, posting product reviews, or fashion tips. 

You need a personality. You need a digital brand to match your blog so that your audience and all those who can benefit from your words can relate to you better, remember you, and build a bond with your digital presence.

Without any personal contact, you need that brand to serve your blog as your digital alter-ego. If you’re not certain as to how you should go about branding your blog, here are a few tips to help you create the right identity for your blogging career.

1. Write a powerful bio page

Most writers will agree that the hardest task they have is to write about themselves.

As a result, you come across awkward, vague, non-specific, somewhat dull “about me” pages that most bloggers produce, simply because they felt uncomfortable writing about themselves in a way that sounds appealing.

It feels as if you’re trying to sell yourself to your audience, instead of just introducing yourself and your blogging world to your potential readers.

This is the first creative road-block you’ll need to tackle. Take your time when writing your biography for your blog. It will be a summary that represents you, your personality, but also your brand, and your entire set of values.

There’s no one-size-fits-all for writing about yourself, but make sure to create consistency from day one.

Consider if humor is appropriate, what kind of descriptions your closest loved ones would use to describe you, and you can even ask your clients and colleagues for references to help you get started. 


2. Focus on consistency in design

Much like you need to start and stick to your blog’s voice from the moment you write your self-description, you also need to be mindful of the visuals that accompany and co-create your blog and its identity.

In regions where blogging is extremely popular, you need to use your visual identity as your edge to retain your audience’s attention – because they’ll otherwise get easily distracted and scurry away to another blog.

Take Australia as the perfect, flourishing example, where close to 80% of the population aged 30-39 reads blogs and reviews on a regular basis. How can you keep them coming back to your particular blog?

The secret is often in the design. Creating a visual representation of your voice can be a daunting task for any writer, so a growing number of bloggers will find a branding agency in Melbourne or another metropolis in order to work on the blog’s look and feel.

These markets are competitive, and if your expertise lies in writing keto recipes or book reviews, you might need to seek some external assistance in this particular area. 


3. Connect your brand through social channels

Even the best-made brands need some help getting the right exposure and in addition to writing content on a regular basis, posting consistently and in time when your audience will most appreciate your blogs.

You also need to spread the word. Use dedicated social media pages linked to your blog to share your content, ask questions in the post itself every time to start a discussion or gather feedback, and you’ll maximize your visibility.

Keep in mind that much like your blog content needs to be original and authentic to your brand, your social media voice needs to reflect that very same brand identity.

Your readers need to recognize your voice from those tidbits of wisdom you post, and based on the images you share with them. With more visibility, you’ll also get more recognition thanks to a consistently represented brand online.


4. Find your writing approach

Your take on your industry is unique. You’ll find blogs devoted to cooking of all sorts, but you’ll also find narrowly-focused blogs that specialize in sugar-free, low-carb keto desserts, for example.

In addition to having a focus, no matter how narrow or wide it could be, you also need to stand out with your voice and your language. 

While you’re making sure that your posts will be appreciated by Google and other search engines, which means that you need to learn how to implement keywords and stick to algorithm preferences such as the length of text, you also need to provide your audience what they’ll love.

Maybe they prefer short-form blogs with bullet points, with tons of images and in a conversational tone. Maybe you can give your writing a dash of humor to keep it light.

Whatever your voice uniqueness maybe, find it, hone it, and stick to it to make sure your readers always recognize it from a mile away.


Your Turn

Branding your blog is no easy task. Keep these tips in mind to help build your blogging brand, and you’ll slowly build your reputation in your industry, not just for excellence, but for authenticity, as well!

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