Getting blogging inspiration from pro bloggers is possible.

I’ve been a fan of blogging for some years and has spent a lot of time in building relevant relationships with other bloggers.

I especially love reading blog posts or listening to podcasts.

I love the crack of the bat when someone really gets ahold of a pitch.

For a long time, I wished I knew how to blog.

Now I don’t have to wish anymore—I know how to do it. (See my Recommended WordPress Hosting. You’ll love it.)

I’m conveying my enthusiasm and will be revealing the ways to get blogging inspiration from pro bloggers.

This post will help you learn how to grow your message, become visible, expand your confidence column, master your art and earn some money.

As a blogger, there are many things to do when your mind goes blank.

The moment you feel you need the inspiration to ejaculate more words.

You know you can write, but don’t feel inspired to.

Don’t worry. Follow this post for a solution to the problem.

You’ll learn how, and ways to command the inspiration you need now.

Plus, build your blogging network with other bloggers.

5 Ways To Get Blogging Inspiration From Pro Bloggers

1. Open a blog

Everyone must not own a blog; some choose to practice freelance writing while others become ghostwriters.

In the course of opening a blog, different people open different kinds of blogs for different reasons.

Sometimes a blog starts out as a hobby only to become a full-time business.

Blogging is like writing a book. Some books turn into a very lucrative business that keeps yielding profits for the author.

If you don’t have a blog, you shouldn’t think about getting blogging inspiration.

Blogging’s block hit only bloggers, like the writers’ block, does to writers.

2. Choose a Niche

Before you choose to open a blog, what was driving you?

Money? Fame? Giving value? Helping others?

Choosing a blogging niche has many benefits: from being focused on identifying those to follow in your niche, growing your influence and earnings.

If you don’t have a niche as a blogger, you would want to follow anyone with the tag “Blogger”

Identifying your niche will help you know who to follow and why you must follow them.

Being an expert in your niche as a blogger is a good thing. Because, you may get awards, or consulting opportunities.

3. Research for Pro Bloggers

Doing this ain’t gonna be easy. But, if you choose the right niche for your blog, you can find over a thousand and one pro bloggers to follow.

As bloggers, we spend most of the time sharing our ideas and insights with our readers. If you can listen well, you’ll discover that your readers share a lot of information with you too.

I learn a lot about my readers from their comments, tweets, Facebook posts and more.

The information they release helps me to know what type of posts to write and the nature of products to develop that will help bring solutions to their problems.

On the journey of researching for pro bloggers, there will be pitfalls to avoid. You must quench the hunger to compete with a blogger you should consult.

As a blogger, researching for pro bloggers to build your community assist network should be your day-to-day routine.

4. Read their Blogs

When you discover the blogs of the pro bloggers, what do you do with them?

Should you copy their blog posts unto yours? NO
Should you spam the comment box with links? NO
Should you leave trashy comments on their posts? NO

What should you do, then?

Follow the good blogging principle they lay out.
Watch their blogging pattern, and develop yours.
Watch the comments on their posts before you leave yours.

5. Follow the Pro Bloggers

Following pro bloggers are not visiting their blogs everyday. Once you’ve identified the pro bloggers you want to follow, strive to know the days they post on their blogs.

Some post once in a week, others two, three or more.

There are some who somewhere in their blog mentioned the days of the week they publish new posts.

You can use that as a guide to know when their posts go live.

To save you the stress of checking in and out, simply subscribe to their newsletter to know when they publish a new post, then, you click through.

You read, comment and share.

In the process of doing these four things happens to you:

  • You become more goal oriented
  • You learn new things every day
  • You build your consistency status quo
  • You become conscious of your activities

These can help you always see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I wouldn’t like to be a doctor who tells you how to swallow some tablets of drugs to heal the pain you experience without giving you the tablets 🙂

I’ll list some of the blogs to help you get inspired anytime the inspiration cord goes cold.

There you go.

List Of Blogs To Get Blogging Inspiration

Recently, I’ve engaged with many pro bloggers that have shared and still sharing great values using their blog as a tool.

The list reads below.

  1. Pro Blogger
  2. Blogging From Paradise
  3. Tips On Blogging
  4. Wording Well
  5. Cost-Effective SEO
  6. Maverick Excel
  7. Mostly Blogging
  8. Aha Now Blog
  9. Minuca Elena
  10. Blogging Love
  11. Awazie Ikechi
  12. PVariel Blog
  13. Donna Merrill
  14. Susan Velez
  15. Techibhai
  16. Inspire To Thrive
  17. Desk Of Katina
  18. EBusiness Blog
  19. Basic Blog Talk
  20. Smart Blogger
  21. Income Diary
  22. Copy Blogger
  23. Shout Me Loud
  24. Start Blogging Online

PS: Click the link to get instant access to the blogs


The richest bloggers in the world build networks. Starting a blog is a guaranteed way to expand your network.

You can use these growth hacking secrets to make your blog a successful one. If you follow them step-by-step there shouldn’t be an excuse for being a failure.

Remember, valuable and interesting blog posts attract readers who will read your posts, comment and share your posts.

Some may send you personal messages through the contact page asking for help, while others will be looking to help you.

Do well to accommodate both and you will be blessed.

Your turn

I know you enjoyed this post because I enjoyed reading after writing.

Share your thoughts.

Have you lost the inspiration to blog before? What did you do when you found yourself in such condition? Which of these pro bloggers are you following and/or yet to follow?

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