Building Online Confidence: 4 Powerful Ways To Increase Your Online Relevance

Ways To Increase Online Relevance

Building Online Confidence: 4 Powerful Ways To Increase Your Online Relevance


Building online confidence can be a difficult task for many who do not know how.

Some people get frustrated when they do not get to reach people online as they wish.

It doesn’t take a day or week to build your online confidence.

The reason is that the online world is a virtual world.

Amazingly, when you persevere in building your online confidence, you tend to attract more clients, connect with great people, and you even command more authority.

Building online confidence is great, really great.

It is a great tool for expanding the activities you do offline.

A graphic designer who decides to leverage on online platforms and then give in to building his online confidence can become an authority in his niche in less time.

Doing this can help him attract more clients, meet with other great graphic designers, and acquire more conversions.

Same thing goes for a photographer, any skill or business at all.

If he becomes intentional about building his confidence online, then he can get more engagements than the usual offline engagements.

He will get invitations to take wedding and party photographs; not just invitations but the ones he will get paid for.

What’s more?

He might even get invitations to speak at conferences.

You don’t believe it is possible, right?

Okay, don’t you think he will be invited to share his experiences with people who’d like to walk his path?

Don’t you think he can be asked to share the secrets to how he became a master of his craft?

Yes, that’s how well building your own online confidence can be — more calls, more money.

I know by now, you already want to know how you can build your online confidence.

We are here now.

Steps To Grow Your Online Confidence

Try them out and you’ll be glad you did.

1. Know your Industry

What do you do? What do you want people to know you for?

What services do you give? What perception of you should people have?

How are you able to serve them? Which of their needs or problems can you offer solutions to?

If you take your time to answer those questions, you will be able to find what you can build your confidence on.

You cannot be doing everything at the same time and expect people to take you seriously.

Do not be a jack of all trades.

If you can do many things perfectly, then find the thread which links all you can do together and let people know you for that.

Let your works be encapsulated in one keyword or phrase.

Find your niche and build it.

2. Give great Value

If you had answered the questions in the previous step I gave then it is certain that you’ve known what niche you belong.

Now you’ve known it, how do you reach the audience in your niche?

How do you let them know you can help them or solve their needs?

You can do these by giving out values.

Create good contents that will be of help to your audience.

Contents that are capable of motivating, inspiring, enlightening, bringing calm to a troubled soul and solving their daily, weekly, monthly or yearly problems

People are watching you.

If your posts and action change their lives and perspectives, then there is a probability that they will see you as an authority (consciously or unconsciously) in their lives.

And if they see you this way, a bond will be created, they will start loving you and then they can be confident in you

3. Show up

Showing up will help you build the know, like trust factor.

If you know your niche and give out value only once in a blue moon, you may not be trusted as the person who gives out value consistently.

If you must build your online confidence, then you must show up.

You must be consistent and intentional about what you do.

Doing that will let your name get easily romanced and registered in the minds of many.

Consistency is one of the keys if you must walk this journey successfully.

Keep showing up, let your contents feed the minds of your audience regularly.

People won’t take you serious if you don’t take yourself serious.

If you must leverage the power of social media platforms then you must show up consistently. Always.

4. Engage your audience

Make people feel and know that there is a person behind that content.

Don’t just dump your posts the way you dispose a refuse, Naah!

Your posts are valuable contents, treat the readers with love.

Be a friend, people maynot trust you if you haven’t touched their lives emotionally.

Connect beyond the contents you dish out.

Let them know you care about them too.

'No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care'Click To Tweet

You know that saying right? Tweet it right away.

It is real, I mean, very real.

Everyone wants to feel loved and when they see that you care about them, they will care about you in return.

Engage your audience.

Build healthy relationships online.

Yes, you can have an online bestie. It happens.


Doing what you know is not enough, you must know how to do what you know. And building relationships is one of those “hows” you must learn.

Truth is, Nobody wants to relate with a boring and uncaring fellow. So, brighten up, if you must increase your sense of humor, do it.

People won’t trust you If you don’t relate to them. Beyond the contents and values you give out, relate with your audience.

Engage your audience.

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    1. Chidera Ochuagu

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  3. Very informative article.
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  4. Showing up is one of the major Target in growing business. Being available when needed give confidence in business.
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  5. The engaging with the audience is one of the most important steps for a blogger!

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  6. Andrew M. Warner

    Good artiicle.

    Engaging your audience is something that a lot of people still overlook. And I just don’t understand why. But really great post here.

    1. Chidera Ochuagu

      Thanks, Andrew. I value you.

  7. Well you have come up with quality post like this one and I feel this will definitely encourage us, just for a change. It is a must read post, a great many of them runs a blog but only few of them follow such recommendations, these tips are really essential to run a successful blog

  8. Hi,
    Good article Indeed, Lack of online confidence may affect your visibility. We should try to interact with our fellow bloggers and try to connect with our audience through live streaming, Facebook chats etc. All these things that you mentioned above definitely help everyone to grow. Such an wonderful post. thanks for sharing with us.

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