Do You Blog to Survive or Thrive?


Do You Blog to Survive or Thrive?

I recorded a video recently from Panama:

Living Your Dreams Is 100% Worth Doing Uncomfortable Things?

I am writing this guest post at 10 PM on a Friday night. Penning the post feels a bit uncomfortable. I would rather do yoga and go to bed. But feeling an inner urge to blog for freedom goads me to create the blog post. If I blogged just to get by – or survive – I would forget doing yoga and just go to sleep.

Everyone walks a different blogging journey. But spotting the difference between surviving and thriving bloggers seems easy. Bloggers who intend to survive struggle horribly for years. Bloggers who intend to thrive eventually become highly successful.

Life is no different. Humans aiming to live in survival mode struggle. People intending to thrive free themselves to live enjoyable lives. All hinges on mind. Everything begins and ends in your mind. Change your mind. Change your life.

Every uncomfortable decision you make is fully worth being free. Any blogging actions quite uncomfortable to execute pale compared to freedom. I feel a bit tired now. But being free to circle the globe feels worth 20 minutes of uncomfortable emotions. Writing the guest post feels worth being free to live my life as I wish.

How do you blog? Do you survive or thrive? What blogging decisions do you make routinely? Do you blog just to get by? Struggles follow survivors. Freedom follows thrivers.

Thriving bloggers wade through discomfort. Exiting your comfort zone signals growth. Thriving bloggers:

  • broadcast live
  • publish courses
  • self-publish eBooks
  • network with pros
  • open multiple income streams
  • replace confining habits with freeing habits

Picture someone who loves freedom over comfort. Freedom lovers do anything to be free. Comfort lovers do anything to be comfortable. Freedom seekers know taking uncomfortable actions expands freedom. Comfort seekers avoid taking uncomfortable actions but feel bound, miserable and depressed.

Do you fear guest posting? Do you believe rejection awaits? Guest post. Network genuinely. Face the fear of rejection head on. Accept guest invites. Guest post on respected blogs from your niche. Increase your traffic and business. Feeling discomfort is worth the traffic and profits. Facing fear is worth freedom. Sear that idea onto your mind. Freedom beats fear and comfort. Fear and comfort makes for a horrible life in the long fun because freedom is living while feeling confined is dying.

Drop archaic ideas of sacrifice. Let go bondage for freedom. Release lower nature living for higher nature living. I recall dropping cable nearly 2 decades ago. Forget the expense; I wasted ample time watching cable TV. Replacing cable watching with personal development influenced me to circle the globe. Did I really sacrifice by not watching Curb Your Enthusiasm weekly to live in Bali for 6 months? Do you consider this a fair trade? Even couch potato TV junkies trade 6 months in Bali for losing Curb. But ego deludes self into believing cable TV trumps 6 months in Bali or circling the globe.

Sacrifice is trading bondage for freedom. Sacrifice is exchanging enslavement for liberation. Does sacrificing sound like a nightmare now? Does sacrificing sound horrible now? Letting go bondage for freedom sounds like a bargain for all of us.

Give yourself a fun, freeing reason why you blog. Find your strongest intent. Allow this freedom to goad you through uncomfortable decisions and actions. Freedom beats discomfort. Loving liberation allows you to see uncomfortable actions are momentary while freedom is permanent, over the long haul.


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