Persisting with your blog despite criticism from family and friends is often the final blogging frontier.

Some aspiring bloggers throw in the towel the moment a close family member tells them to “get a real job”, out of pure shame.

Other bloggers see the journey through until facing some immense hardship, quitting when times get tough and family or friends advise you to “play it safe” and quit the “silly blogging bit”.

From personal experience, I made a few tough decisions my family could not understand during my blogging career.

Even during stressful times I could see that following my dreams would help me be of greatest benefit to the world.

Follow these tips to keep blogging despite criticism from family and friends.

The World Is Your Family

Sometimes, you feel pressured to do something in the name of duty to your blood relatives.

But we are all One. We are all family.

Whether you see the human race as a family or all sentient beings as being One, simply accepting this freeing fact instantly helps you make the choice leading to the greater good of humanity.

If your mom or dad persistently pressures you to quit blogging to get a real job you frame their criticism differently; getting a real job also means spending 40 to 60 hours weekly – or more – giving your attention and energy to surviving, versus creating something freeing, inspired, inspirational and of greatest benefit to the world, your real family.

Do not play small. Do not cower to criticism from family and friends, even if their barbs sting the most.

The world needs you to hone your special gifts to be a bright light amid the darkness of illusory fear, scarcity, lack, and limitation.

Check out my friend Kimsea Sok.

He is an inspiring blogger from Cambodia who’s helping people from all over the globe build successful blogs.

Toss in the fact that he is shining super brightly for his Cambodian neighbors, being a pioneer in showing how they can build businesses online, and you have a guy who has proven that following your dreams benefits humanity.



All About Them Not About You.

Repeat that phrase to yourself 100 times if need be.

Critical family members project their unclear, fear-based view of life onto you, meaning the criticism has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you and your commitment to living your dreams.

Bloggers tend to take criticism personally, believing the critic is speaking about them and their lives. Not true.

All we say or do is our projection, meaning that critics actually criticize themselves, picking apart their lives, and choices, every time they open their mouths.

Embracing this truth helps you filter criticism through compassionate eyes; hurt people, hurt people.

Or hurt people attempt to hurt people, or perhaps to offer hurtful feedback that they believe is really helpful.


You Are Doing Something Good and Worthy

I have never come across a blogger blogging from a malicious, nasty, hateful intent.

Every single blogger I know wants to do something good, helpful and valuable for their readers.

Only the genuinely selfish or greedy friend or relative cannot see that what you are doing is helpful and good.

Some family members may try to guilt you for living your dreams. Pay them no mind. Do something worthy.

Render service through your blog. Inspire people to solve their problems and live their dreams.

Most of all, do not selfishly allow your fear of criticism to cause you to pull back on sharing your gifts with the world.

I cannot imagine how my life would be now if I turned around and bailed on blogging after some tough moments in my life.

Blogging is bigger than you, your fears and petty or jealous family members. Let them go.

If you want to turn blogging criticism into profits buy my eBook:

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  • Enstine Muki
    Posted at 2:03 PM 0Likes

    Hey Ryan,
    Maybe my case is different 😉
    Everyone around me sees the result and they look forward to emulating what I do.

    I can understand if some parents go negative on their children about blogging. Maybe they are not seeing the financial claims. But it requires time and smartness to see those live changing figures.

    We need to keep pushing and not give up 😉

    Happy blogging.

  • Kimsea Sok
    Posted at 9:34 AM 0Likes

    Hello Ryan. How have you been?

    I saw you did some sorts of traveling through your Facebook status.

    Also, I love what you’ve chatted with Lorriane regarding the blogging journey.

    That’s extremely awesome talk.

    You know? When talking about the criticism, I might actually the most blogger who received so many negative criticisms from family, friends, and other bloggers.

    Honestly, those criticisms are crazily scary.

    Some friends complained parent to push me on working for other. At the time, I have no fucking what to respond to my parent. So, I told them, “Mom! I promise. One day I’ll make it a matter.”

    I cannot thinking how existed I was when I made my first $25 online.

    I just told myself, “it’s real. My dream is real!”

    The most existed to think is when I got my first client who paid $50 an hour for WordPress service.

    I bet it isn’t a high earning for people in your country, but it’s too much in Cambodia, especially a jobless like me.

    Thing was change now. People who not understand about my works begins talking about blogging.

    I’m not proud of the amount I can earn, but I so proud that I’m a part of the activities that help in Cambodia to open mind regarding blogging.

    To any blogger who is overwhelming with negative criticism, please keep your great work. Just know what you’re doing and why you’re doing so it would be enough to inspire yourself to keep continue.

    What’s more, enjoy little things.

    As what Ryan mentioned in the above article. Take a selfie and give Facebook some works of photo.

    Finally, Ryan. Thanks for sharing this very inspiring article.

    I’m sorry don’t know how could I empathize my words in English, but just want to let you know that this another awesome article as usually you did.

    One last word, thanks so much for mentioning me in the article.

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