How WordPress themes can help someone avoid the 5 mistakes


How WordPress themes can help someone avoid the 5 mistakes

On the basis of the flexibility, convenience, and affordability of its features and services, WordPress is undoubtedly one of the major and CMS platforms for digital marketing, blogging, and SEO beginners.

It is estimated that more than 30% of all blogs and sites are build and operated through WordPress. Due to the ever-growing popularity and innovation of new tools and services, more and more users are opting for WordPress to create, design, and manage their website.

Whether you are an experienced WordPress developer or have just started using WordPress, you are bound to make mistakes. Some of these mistakes are inevitable while some can be easily avoided.

Following is a list of some common mistakes made by WordPress users that can be easily fixed or avoided.


Avoiding Google Analytics Plugins 

Google Analytics is one the easiest and simplest ways for website owners to check and improve the performance of their site. However, many site owners tend to skip Google Analytics tools and services.

With the growing competition in digital media, in order to stay relevant and improve your digital marketing game, it is recommended to install a plugin for Google Analytics to access all the details of your audience and their preferences online. This will ultimately help you to create online content according to the interests and activities of your targeted audience.

Not Saving Data in Backend

It is impossible to know in advance whether your online data is going to be hack or not. Data theft or loss of data is probably one of the worst things that could happen to anyone.

The two most common reasons for loss of data is either when your server crashes or when your site has been hacked. Moreover, if you are using a shar server, then you may lose all your WordPress data if the server gets hacked.

Today, no one has the time to upload hacked files and data all over again. Therefore, the best way to prevent loss of online data is by using plugins to save the content of your site. Also, make sure to set up automate data backups. You can even opt for cloud services for storing your WordPress data online.

Posts vs Pages

If you are building a site for the first time. Make sure to use appropriate content for your posts and site pages.

One of the most common mistakes that WordPress users make is to mix up content for posts and site pages.

Although, it can be quite tricky to differentiate between the two, especially if you are a new user of WordPress. However, the content for pages is very different from the content for daily posts of a site.

The content for pages is usually static and doesn’t need to get updated on a regular basis. Here, you can add information about your services, prices, contact information, etc.

Posts contain content that is frequently changing or updated, such as blog posts, latest news, information about upcoming events, etc.

Ignoring Your Site’s Page Speed


If you overload your WordPress site with too many plugins, videos, pictures, and blog content. Then it can affect the speed and performance of your site.

If your WordPress site takes extra time to load, then it can badly affect your online traffic and bounce rates. People tend to stay longer on sites that are quicker and more responsive.

According to experts, if a website takes around one to two seconds to load. Its page reviews can go up to nine or ten per session. In contrast, a website that takes around nine seconds to load can get merely three- or four-page views for each session.

Therefore, it is extremely important to invest in appropriate tools, plugins, and services. That can help to monitor and optimize the speed of your site.

Maintaining Privacy During the Process of Website Development

MacBook Pro with images of computer language codes

It is not a good idea to let everyone view your site during its initial stages of development and testing.

It takes a lot of time to create a site and therefore, it should be kept private for security purposes.

Since public sites will easily detect by different search engines. Therefore, it is recommend to keep it under construction to prevent it from getting optimize by search engines in its development stages.

Final Thoughts

WordPress is a great platform for both experience and new users to create, manage, and track the performance of their site.

Before using WordPress.Make sure to go through this guide to avoid any mistakes or errors and ensure maximum security and performance of your site.

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