Early and often.

Monetize your blog early and often. Monetize your blog from Day 1 of your blogging career. But put the emphasis on creating helpful content and building bonds in your niche. The real money is in sharing content and making friends to gain trust, to build credibility and to prosper. Of course, monetize often, too. Open 1-3 income streams every 1-3 months – or 3-6 months to be less and less dependent on any one channel and to naturally make more money. Imagine a fisherman or fisher woman placing 10 poles in the water; far more likely to get a bite, right? Ditto for giving readers more chances to buy your stuff and to hire you. Simply keep adding income channels to increase your blogging income.

Monetize Early

Never be gun shy about monetizing as a newbie blogger. Monetize from Day 1 going forward, or from today going forward. Start now. Do you intend to be a professional blogger? Get comfortable with receiving money. Imagine yourself blogging from an exotic location. Perhaps Fiji. How would that feel? Quite wonderful, of course. But digging deeper, how would that pro blogger feel about monetizing their blog? Confident. Clear. Relaxed. Comfortable with the idea of receiving money. Start being that blogger now to become that blogger down the road. Now, begin being the blogger who lives your wildest dreams. Even if it feels uncomfortable to monetize your blog as a beginner blogger, do it. Wade through your fears. Feel these energies. Monetize.

For starters, consider adding affiliate income streams to monetize intelligently as a newbie. New bloggers feel intimidated about creating products or services. Affiliate marketing offers you the opportunity to profit online based on someone else’s creations. Sounds sweet, eh? Someone creates some product or service. You sell it and grab a cut. Consider being an Amazon Associate to access a huge library of products but simply joining any affiliate network available in your country will work for you.

Take your time in picking income channels. Start with the affiliate side of things. Then, monetize often…..

Monetize Often

Monetize your blog often. Add income streams regularly to increase your blogging profits. This is how to monetize your blog to be a professional blogger. Start being like a pro now well before you become a professional blogger. Perfect energy for having posture. Again guys; visualize your dreams you intend to experience through blogging. See yourself blogging from home. Feel that freedom. Then, you gain the confidence, clarity and focus to be the blogger who monetizes freely now, even well before you become a professional blogger down the road. Take your time of course. I do not advise adding income streams left and right as far as tossing 5 new income channels on your blog over 5 days. Let’s not go bonkers. But do add 1 stream or more every 1-3 months to get comfortable with making money through your blog.

Never rely on one income channel. New bloggers often err in getting heavily attached to one income stream. Big mistake. Because attaching to one channel closes you off from all of the other streams begging to find your blog, as their monetizing home. Be with any money fears; think, feel and blog abundantly, even though you fear adding different streams to your single newbie blogger channel. You can do it. You can prosper mightily over the long haul. But to be a professional down the road, begin thinking, feeling and acting like a pro blogger now by adding multiple streams of income to your blog.

Monetize in alignment with your blog. This means posting ads only aligned with your blogging niche. Pros ensure that everything is a match as far as advertisements. If you run a blogging tips blog, ensure that all advertisements align with the blogging tips niche. This is the way to accelerate your profits because all traffic and monetizing will be highly targeted to people who want what you have to offer. Follow this advanced blogger tip to position yourself to blog as a professional.

No limit to monetizing exists. Simply be generous with yourself. Monetize as much as you can to give readers options. Some may prefer your eBooks but others may buy your audio books. This is a win-win scenario because you make more money and your readers have more options to consume your premium products and services, but according to their personal preferences.


The real trick to making money blogging like a pro is no trick, but seems like it sometimes. Why? Most bloggers focus on income outcomes and never realize the process makes the real money. What do I mean? Even though monetizing early and often helps you profit like a pro, you actually make money by creating helpful content and building strong friendships with bloggers in your niche. Few bloggers focus on the process. Most focus on the outcomes. Of course, this is why bloggers struggle to make money and even more struggle to go professional.

If you want an eBook for income ideas, I share 15 through my read. Buy it here. But beyond that, get lost in generously helping people through blogging, guest posting, podcasting and broadcasting live. Befriend bloggers in your niche. Comment on blogs in your niche. Promote these bloggers through your blog and through your social media. Promote them through guest posts too.

Creating and connecting simply positions you to increase your skills, exposure and credibility to the point where you begin making money. Then when you create and connect generously for thousands of hours, you make enough money online to go pro. Always focus on the process of generously helping people to guarantee over the long-term that you will become a professional blogger

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