Quick Steps To Guide Your Thoughts: 3 Ways

I discovered that we inhabit a small corner of the universe with billions of other people in an attempt to understand ourselves and our abilities. One of the ways to learn about yourself is by the impact your thoughts have on your reality; that’s called direct learning.

Your thoughts are simply the impact of physical reality and physical reality mirrors back at you that reality that is coming from you.

In other words, if you are filled with love and joy, most likely the world you perceive about you will reflect this love and joy. People will probably be pleasant and happy.

This is so true that we live our confessions and believe, daily, knowingly or unknowingly. Our physical surroundings will, also, reflect this attitude back to us. When you look around, you are likely to see pleasing objects and people and things.

Jane is a 20-year-old young woman. Everything in her life has been in shambles. Nothing ever goes well with her and she’s so concerned about this.

In the process of seeking help, she spoke with a counselor who asked her several questions.

After some minutes of talking with this counselor, it was realized that Jane had always thought negatively.

She has always been pessimistic about everything and so nothing ever works for her.

Jane remembered that her mother called her a mistake during her early teen years (calling someone a mistake means: casting down the potentials of someone, regretting the birth of someone out of anger or child’s attitude)

And that was the beginning of Jane’s failures.

The fact that her mother had called her a mistake actually contributed only a little to the problem Jane had.

The cause of her problem was that she ate those words her mother spoke, she allowed those words mold her being. She took the words to be hers.

And, since then, Jane had seen herself as a mistake – born irrelevant.

She constantly thought it in her heart that she was a mistake and so she deserved nothing. She did everything with little or no care, after all, she was a mistake. She believed that she does not deserve anything good, So it never came.

Jane’s negativity had a huge effect on her results in life. Almost everything she did fail, not because she didn’t know how to do it. It was because she had conditioned her mind and future for failure through her thoughts and belief.

Join me as I explain to you what that counselor told Jane that changed her life forever.

Now Jane had suffered terrible low self-esteem before she met this amazing counselor.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the counselor’s name, pardon me.

She is a woman and her name is Sharon.

Sharon told Jane this:

There are different ways in which our thoughts affect our lives.

Our thoughts determine the quality of the life we live.

Thoughts have great power than we can imagine.

However, they are neutral, they can make us better and they can make us worse.

Our thoughts can make us successful and they can make us failures.

It all lies in your thinking. It depends on you.

3 Ways Your Thoughts Affect Your Life (How To Guide It)

1. Your thoughts determine how people see you

People treat you the way you treat yourself and you treat yourself the way you think about yourself. You are a reflection of your thoughts, you look like what you think.

So if you see yourself as a failure, you’ll treat yourself as a failure and though you might not notice it. People see it and that’s the way you’ll be treated by others.

On the flip side, If you think of yourself as a great person (this doesn’t mean you should become proud). You will treat yourself as such and that’s the way people will treat you.

So you see, It is you who tell people how they should treat you. And you tell them this through changing your thoughts first.

Change the way you think about yourself, change your thoughts.Click To Tweet

Pause. Tweet that right now!

Done that? Good.

When you change the way you think about yourself, people will change the way they treat you.

It all lies in your thinking. What are you thinking about yourself? How do you see yourself? Are you like Jane who saw herself as a mistake?

Hey, dear friend, it is time to change your thoughts from negatives to positives. Of course, you don’t expect people to love you if you haven’t loved yourself first.

Who does that?

If you want people to love you, love yourself.

If you want people to praise you, praise yourself.

Stop hating you, start loving you.

For your success is in you, and you won’t make it a reality until you begin to love you.

It begins with your thoughts. Love yourself!

2. Thoughts determine how successful you become

Sharon said to Jane “nothing works for you because your thoughts are negative”

She continued…

Your mind has a way of attracting what it is always thinking about. Your mind directs and controls your actions towards things.

So if you think negatively, it will direct negative things towards you. That was the reason Jane failed in all she did.

Will you dare think positively?

Even if the face of bad situations you should still maintain an optimistic character.

Believe that all you do will succeed.

Believe that you were born a success.

Believe that you are victorious.

Believe all the good things.

Change your thoughts. Think rightly.

Your thoughts determine what you get!

3. Your thoughts affect the quality of your life

If you must have a great life, then you must have great thoughts. Life gives you what you deserve, not what you wish.

Do you deserve it?

The quality of your thoughts is the quality of your life. Click To Tweet

If you think of yourself as a mistake, life will treat you as a mistake.

You cannot change any person until you, first of all, change their thoughts.

Yeah, that’s it!

You cannot change people’s results either until you change their thoughts.

Jane went home with these words etched in her being and her life changed. No, she didn’t just listen to them, she acted on what she heard.

She went home and began to change her thoughts. She personified the greatness to succeed and become someone powerful. She thought all the good things about her, and that was how her life changed.

Right now, Jane is an awesome person. She is a success and she is really doing great in her field of study as an Engineer. She a great gem, so full of power.

From her experience, she could help others live their dreams, become happy individuals and as well study carefully every thought they want to believe.


As the power of your thought rises, it becomes increasingly important for you to use it in a responsible way.

However, using your thoughts responsibly goes beyond merely guarding against thinking negatively and thinking in the most positive way possible.

To think responsibly, especially when your thoughts involve others, you must go one step beyond that dualistic kind of thinking.

You must think smartly!

Your turn

Have you been able to control your thoughts and get what you want? How do you feel controlling the positive and negative thoughts? I hope this post helps you fix your faults, guiding your thoughts?

Written by Chidera Ochuagu

Chidera is a Writer, Speaker and Teen Life Coach who helps teenagers find their fire and become the best version of themselves. She is the founder of Smart Teens Network. A platform dedicated to raising the next teen generational leaders.

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