7 Tips Perfectionist Writers Needs For Successful Writing

Do you know the perfectionist writing tips for perfectionist writers. This post is a step by step guide to overcome perfectionism in writing.

How many times have you written your stories, articles and you are scared to let someone glance through it or afraid to publish it?

You think your writing is bad, your articles are full of errors and you would be criticized on what you’ve written?

If that is the case; you are a perfectionist writer.

You want your writing style to be as perfect and well written as that of Stephen King, JK Rowling, Brian Tracy and many others.

As a beginning writer, you forgot that the phenomenal writers you want to be like have been writing for a long time, some decade though, and have gained a good level of expertise mastering their craft.

Perfectionism has made many upcoming writers (and bloggers) throw away their draft in a trash bin.

I experienced this quite last year. I had a book I was writing and couldn’t continue with it because I overwhelmed myself with thoughts like: “I’m not a good writer”, “No one would read my articles” and many others.

Doing that jeopardized my writing skill, creativity and made me abandon my responsibilities as a writer for a long while.

It is when I came across the word “Perfectionist” that I realized what the problem really is.

Being in the shoes of perfectionist writing and succeeded, I would like to share with you the practical steps that I have used to overcome the writing career virus.

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You don’t have to wait to publish good error-free blog posts, write the best book, and produce the amazing smart videos. However, your article should be able to carry the right details and solve the problem/s of your readers.

If you find yourself editing, and re-reading many a time, and yet you don’t feel satisfied to hit the Publish button or Submit that article to get published because you think the writing isn’t good, you are a perfectionist writer.

Pro Bloggers like Ryan Biddulph of Blogging From Paradise, Stephen King, Bamidele Onibalusi of Writers In Charge could be writing daily, guest posting on other blogs.

Often, if they’d waited till their articles are perfect, they may not have gotten the level of visibility they have in terms of writing good articles, publishing bestseller books and more.

Ways To Overcome Perfectionism As A Writer

1. Don’t take writing too seriously

Writing should be a fun experience and not done with sadness. If you try to force it, your creativity may suffer.

No matter how much you try to perfect it, those that would like it will like it, while those that would criticize your work will criticize it.

Your assignment is to do your best and leave the rest. Writing is a God-given gift to you, which you develop with practice and patience to allow you pass your message.

Don’t spend time trying to perfect it.

2. Improve your writing skill

You may not be a good writer yet, so what? Do you want that to stop you?

Even the Pros in writing were once a novice like you. They developed themselves to be an expert in what they do.

They don’t want it perfect, they strive to best themselves giving the right details.

So, it is not a big magic wand per see. You need to develop yourself to be an expert in writing.

Even fiction writer Stephen King said he writes 2,000 words a day.

You can form the habit of writing daily to improve your writing skills.

3. Just write

Write everything that comes to your mind whether they seem good at the moment or not.

Write them down. Let your mind wander with ideas, and don’t let it stop till you have written all the things that appeared as jargon.

After the writing to, you can re-write, edit, and add up later. One of the major problems of perfectionist writers is editing while writing.

The first problem of this habit is that it can kill the smooth flow of ideas when the inspiration hits.

Don’t border about perfect writing, just write. Make your points step by step, while you edit later.

4. Tell a friend

Instead of having an unfinished draft lying down on your bed or thrown into the trash bin because you think the writing is bad, tell a friend.

Why don’t you share the article with other like-minded writers to give you a feedback on what you wrote, rather than letting your creativity become dormant?

Telling a friend about what you wrote can help you to realize if the writing is truly bad or not.

If they told you it is bad, don’t feel discouraged. Ask for their suggestions and look out for ways to make adjustments where needed.

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Writers must be ready to embrace true criticisms to help them realize their bad while necessary amendments are made.

5. Test your expertise

How can you do this? By writing for another blog, website, or anywhere people accept articles whether free or paid.

When you have written for another blog or website, from the feedback from the readers you can learn the easy ways to boost your confidence writing.

If your articles are bad, another publisher may not publish it on their blog. Thus, in the process of trying to write the best article for others, you can learn the ways to build your blog writing skills to be a better writer.

6. Come with a freshman eye

After writing your draft, you can leave it for a few hours, days or weeks, depending on the publishing time of the piece.

Come back with a fresh eye. By then you may have come up with new great ideas, discovered many errors which you could miss if you went forth to publish.

7. Publish anyhow

People can call you a writer when they see your work in a blog post, magazine articles, and when they read your book.

People may not know that you exist as a writer when your articles are just saved up as drafts on your computer or on a paper.

I have read some blog post that the comments criticized the writer for writing in poor English. Did the writer get annoyed? Probably No.

He calmly responded the critics with “Thanks for the feedback”. Will people still read the article? Yes. Does the article get traffic, Yes.

Even William Shakespeare who many persons crave to be as good as he was got criticized.

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Don’t wait any longer and let perfectionism take advantage of you.

You can use the step by step guide I shared above to overcome the want to be a perfectionist writer.

Your turn

Which points resonates you the most? How are you coping with perfectionism? Let’s discuss.

Gbemileke Sonde writes on motivation, self-development and writing tip articles. He blogs at My Coach Article.

Written by Prince Akwarandu

Prince Akwarandu is a writer, author, and blogger who can help you build a profitable writing career with his book Writing For Profits. You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or Facebook.

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