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How to Increase Business Growth Using Video Marketing

Today, 81% of shoppers are conducting online research prior to making any purchase. This implies that you should focus more on the internet platform to promote your products and services.

We all are living in the digital epoch, where drawing online attention of the targeted audiences has become progressively more competitive.

Thanks to the evolutions in technology due to which we can approach and connect with our potential customers in numerous better and new ways and one among them is marketing through video content.

In a media-filled world, video marketing has proved to be one of the best online marketing contents through which customer’s attention can be grabbed, products can be showcased, and customer’s trust can be built with ease.

In short, video content in today’s competitive world is a must to promote your products and services. By creating video content for marketing three essential things are accomplished such as:

  • A shareable tool is created
  • Higher brand trust levels are established
  • Experience increased sales

Create interesting and attention-grabbing video content rather than simply posting written content or blog posts to improve your conversion rates, enhance brand awareness, and establish your brand’s unique identity.

In this write-up, know how to use the video marketing tool to enjoy the perks offered by it and accelerate your business towards growth.

  1. Create Short & Informative Videos
  2. Make Use of Mobile Platforms
  3. Make Your Video Even More Interactive
  4. Optimize Video Content
  5. Tell Stories by Your Video
  6. Tutorial Videos
  7. Use LinkedIn Platform


1. Create Short & Informative Videos

Short, engaging, and informative videos prove to be the best medium via which you can present information regarding your services and products to your customers.

Through videos, the human touch can be added to the information that you want to provide. The videos can introduce your services and products to the audiences thereby inducing them to think over to buy your product.

With professional videos you can grab the opportunity of spreading awareness regarding your company culture, making your customers aware of the unknown features, and establishing your business on a digital platform.

Below are a few video forms that can be created for engaging more customers:

  1. Tutorials
  2. How-to guides
  3. Product demonstrations
  4. Presentations
  5. Webinars
  6. Video blogs
  7. Interviews
  8. White-board animations
  9. Q&A videos
  10. Funny commercials
  11. Live streams
  12. Customer testimonials

Try to make the videos short, say about a maximum of 2 minutes, as no one is interested nor has that much time to watch long videos and your long videos may be left unwatched.

Get in touch with a video production company or use online video making tools for creating short and informative videos.


2. Make Use of Mobile Platforms

As per the report of The Grey Sky, about 92% of consumers watch videos on their mobile screens and share them with others.

Hence, you can make use of the mobile platform to launch your video marketing content and expand the reach of your brand. Convey your message or point pithily via videos for capturing the mobile user’s attention.

WhatsApp groups or other relevant social networks that are logged in mostly through mobile phones for sharing your service or product-related videos. Through mobile-based videos, you can reach out to the maximum number of customers and spread your product and brand awareness.

Just imagine the reach of your business if your product video content goes viral over different messaging apps.


3. Make Your Video Even More Interactive

Is your video not viral yet? Keep aside the traditional video making strategies and try something new that your customers would love as people always look forward to something new and better.

Make use of interactive videos that would attract the viewers towards your brand. Below are stated some ways through which you can effectively make your videos interactive:

  • Permit the audience to buy the items which are displayed on the screen.
  • Create videos embedded with links that would drive the viewers to your official webpage.
  • Try hotspots to let viewers interact with them.
  • Make 2-3 continuation videos that would develop a craze among the viewers to see the next one soon.


4. Optimize Video Content

After Google, YouTube is the second leading search engine. People can only watch your video only after finding them on these search engines.

When you optimize your video for any social network, make sure that you know very well which type of video to make for which social network.

Criteo recommends the following tips:

  • Facebook – Video must be short and should be uploaded directly with attractive captions
  • YouTube – After launching any video here, you must wait for at least two weeks for refining your target viewers or to formulate any tweaks
  • Twitter – Balanced (balance between keywords, interests, devices), short and crisp videos to be uploaded directly to track accurate results

Other than optimizing your video contents for these channels, make sure that you optimize those video contents for SEO too. You need to follow the below-mentioned tactics so that your videos can get easily found in search engines:

  • Just like you plan a few keywords for your blog posts, plan a few for your video too
  • Include those keywords in your video title as well as a description
  • Titles must be as short as maximum 60 characters and informative as well
  • Include your website link in the video
  • Add unique titles or short descriptions so that search spiders of Google can easily scrape your videos.
  • Tag relevant keywords and searchable terms with your videos
  • Use high-quality, banded, eye-catching thumbnails
  • Optimize the video content so that it can be viewed on any size mobile screens


5. Tell Stories by Your Video

The ever-rising marketing mode is social stories. To make the video marketing successful, try to tell short stories by means of your video.

Viewers are never interested in the numbers and stats that you share and will forget those. What they will remember for long is an inspirational or funny anecdote that would connect them with your video emotionally.

People understand things better when presented in the form of stories. Below are a few tips that you must incorporate in your storytelling videos to make it more effective:

  • Share success stories of your customers
  • Create impactful videos on the topic of your viewer’s interest highlighting your success and expertise
  • Make your audiences feel like they are brand insiders by creating videos on behind-the-scenes processes.
  • Create videos showcasing the hot trends
  • Share inspirational stories that would capture the attention of the viewers and invoke a feeling in them to get associated with your company.


6. Tutorial Videos

You can also create tutorial videos and post them on various social media platforms to increase your sales. Tutorial videos instruct and engage your customers and help you in building trust in them. Ensure that links and CTA (Call-To-Action) are added to the tutorial video content description.


7. Use LinkedIn Platform

The Native Video concept was first introduced by LinkedIn (one of the best social media platforms connecting processionals) in 2017. Through this platform, videos can be posted easily. Videos can be uploaded and shared directly from the mobile phone.

You can view how well the videos posted by you are performing as the number of views can be viewed. Also, you can check the engagement level your video has received whenever you want.


Wrapping Up

Video marketing has great power and this act cannot be denied. If you want to reach out to millions of customers quickly, you need to capitalize on this popular marketing tool.

Video permits you to approach your target customers directly and easily and generate a personnel connection with them.

Once your goals are clear in your mind, you can create successful video content and use video marketing to the fullest to augment your business growth.

Video marketing is very much like face-to-face interaction. Through video marketing, you get an opportunity to approach and communicate with your customers and convince them to shop for your services and products.

Written by Ankit Patel

Ankit Patel is a Marketing/Project Manager at XongoLab Technologies LLP and PeppyOcean which offers top-notch mobile apps development services globally. As a hobby, he loves to write about new & upcoming technology, business, and marketing. His write-ups have been published on popular platforms like TechTarget, SmallBizDaily, JaxEnter, Social-Hire, TorqueMag, and more.

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