Why Believe in Writing Luck?


Why Believe in Writing Luck?

Bloggers and authors sometimes believe lady luck marks their success or failure.


Why not give yourself the credit? Why not own your life? Practice writing. Get skills. Succeed. Drive traffic. Drive profits. Sell eBooks – like this eBook for creating successful eBooks – and profit. Simple. Right? Yes. But not easy. Facing, feeling and release fears feels tough.

No one enjoys sitting with limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs feast on fear. Feel fear. Release the limiting belief. Succeed via your writing venture of choice.

Luck is a limiting belief harrowing most writers. Authors both published and self-published feel luck blesses or curses them. Neither case seems true. Writers who practice writing routinely succeed in their venture.

Write to gain skills. Write to gain clarity. Write to gain confidence. Write to stand out in a crowded blogging niche. Write to carve out your self-publishing niche on Amazon. Write to stomp out the idea of luck playing any role in your life.

Dispelling luck feels uncomfortable to chance-obsessed writers. Why believe blind luck possesses power over you? Why believe dumb luck cancels out years of writing practice? Why believe luck lets you succeed despite taking shortcuts?

Luck does not exist in a precise universe. All unfolds according to your energy. Mind is that powerful. But feeling fears fueling luck feels unpleasant.

Who enjoys believing life seems like a game of chance? Imagine cancelling out 15,000 hours of writing because you believe luck – not practice – makes or breaks your writing career? Stop subscribing to this madness.

Get serious about helping people through writing. Hone your writing skills to own your writing skills.

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Take your time. No one sells eBooks overnight. No one publishes an influential blog overnight. Fall in love with the process, not the outcomes, of writing. Patiently own your writing craft. Put in writing time daily. Few write 1000’s of words daily.

Few succeed through their writing gig. Writing is not staring at blank screens or gazing at blank paper. Write! Let the words flow. Let the words go. Practice writing daily to put luck out on its rear end. Stop believing in cosmic chance. All aligns perfectly for clear writers. Clear writers practice writing diligently.

People buy your eBooks if you write skillfully. 100% of the time, you are in full charge of your writing skills. Skills depend on practice. People follow your blog if you write skillfully. 100% of the time, you are in full charge of your writing skills.

Skills depend on practice.  Cling to this truth. Success is for diligent writers. Write online and publish posts. Write offline and trash practice Word documents. Write offline in pads. Write online through guest posts. Writing more gives you confidence, clarity and serious writing skills. Writing luck has nothing to do with succeeding.

Imagine a blogger who built up a large, loyal community over years. How? By writing diligently, bonding with readers and blogging for years. Imagine a publishing house pitching her a book idea based on her writing skills and loyal tribe.

Why? How? She blogged for years to earn the skills and tribe. Publishing houses spot skilled writers and loyal followings who fan the flames under author buzz. Every time, writing skills and large, loyal tribes flow to diligent writers. Earn your skills. Earn your tribe. Luck does not pick authors. Authors choose to be authors by practicing their writing.

Beware the idea of random happen-stance. No writer wins by leaving things to chance. Writers pay their tuition. Writers earn the right to succeed. How? Writers practice writing daily. Sometimes in public. Sometimes in private. But writers keep writing to boost their skills in order to succeed.

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