Blogging fathers give birth to children. Like the hen, they keep laying eggs.

At last, some turn to chicks while others don’t. Yes, you should know him.

Ryan Biddulph is one of the blogging fathers I know.

He’s given birth to many children bloggers.

They keep growing. Every second, every minute, every day.

While the blogging land has developed over the last decade, the benefits of having a blogging father are still plentiful.

You may have become a blogger by asking the Big G of how to make money online and blogging popped up.

Most people start a blog, and along the way, they gain experience and eventually generate ideas for blogs in other niches.

This does not always happen if you have nobody to run to, to guide and to expose you.

Blogging fathers do exist; maybe you haven’t discovered yours yet.


Some people are given birth to yet they don’t know who the parent is. While some forget their parents due to one issue or the other.

Have you forgotten who gave birth to your blogging career?

The one guy that pushed you to make share you created that blog. It could even be that he created it for you.

That person who has been there from day one to guide and make sure you succeed.

Who Is A Blogging Father

A blogging father is a male pro blogger who guides a less experienced blogger by building trust and modeling positive characters into his or her lifestyle.

A good blogging father understands that his role is to be authentic, dependable, engaged, and tuned into the needs of the blogger who has come to gain more knowledge or experience.

As soon as I became conscious of my online blogging activities I noticed that whether your passion is business, cooking, politics or photography, blogging gives you the opportunity to connect and network with like-minded individuals who share the same passions.

Do you know the reason? Some people’s passions lean toward supporting something. Whether it’s a political, environmental or social cause, a blog is a great way to build awareness and garner support. Blogs are great for those who do not have time to read a book and want to follow or learn about specific topics.

Note: The statement above does not mean that those who are bloggers or the would-be cannot be good readers.

Of course, a good blogger, I believe should have made some good reading.

Benefits of Having a Blogging Father

1. They Help You Stand Out

Nothing kills your blog’s success more than posting very rarely.

A blogging father tells you “hey, you got to be consistent.”

They show you the benefits of consistency.

While you feel like quitting, they give you some motivation capsules to allow you stay healthy.

If most blogs out there (in your niche) are not consistent, you can stand out right there just by being more consistent.

2. You Learn to Freely Express Yourself

There are many steps to easily express yourself as a blogger.

You can learn that with a greater guidance in the presence of a blogging father.

They see you as theirs and would want to see you succeed.

They are there to communicate with you when you are finding it difficult to use the inspiration.

Sometimes you feel like you lack the knowledge of what to express with others, they give you more of it.

Even when you have an idea but don’t know how to communicate it, they clear the rocks for you to unleash the potentials in you.

They value you.

3. Your Writing Skills Grow With Time

You know how to correct there’s and theirs, and you’re and your.

It can feel like a lot of work.

Depressing, huh?

Do you want to write persuasive copy? To create charming contents that go viral?

But it doesn’t need to be that hard.

Blogging fathers assist you with the advice to write freely about your ideas and thoughts.

The end result is that you can freely express yourself in writing, become more creative and increase your capacity for personal growth.

4. Relevant Relationships Are Built

If you want to build the relevant relationships you crave for, follow the man that has built relevant relationships.

Do you know why?

The blogosphere is too broad.

There are too many experts in several niches.

Blogging is a community-based endeavor, and building relevant relationships is one reason people engage in it.

Whether you are a mompreneur or blogging to market your business, building relationships will facilitate your blog’s growth.

If you choose a blogging father today, he can help you bond with the experts in your niche.

5. Passion Can Be Transferred

If a character/s can be transferred from a parent to the children, passion can be transferred too.

Passion can be the force that drives you to blog.

Blogging fathers who understand and embrace their passion can multiply the opportunities for empowering and engaging with their children bloggers to become a version of them.

This is not trying to create a clone of them.

No. That’s not the point here.

They can transfer the character of loyalty, honesty, and readiness to network with others.

You can discover the unspoken writing techniques now, easy blogging tips for everyday bloggers, and valuable ways to become successful blogging.

6. You can become a badass writer

Blogging is never just about writing.

We always blog for a bigger reason: to entertain, encourage, invite, comfort, or support.

When you get connected to WHY you are blogging, your fear disappears and you can be the badass blogger you are meant to be.

A blogging father helps you discover your purpose for blogging.

He knows that passion without direction can be misguided, or possibly lead to greater disaster.

No matter the blogging goals you have, he unveils proven blogging strategies you can employ that will help your blogging ministry to add great value to many people.

What a Blogging Father Does for You

  • He takes a long-range view of your growth and development as a blogger.
  • He offers encouragement and cheerleading, but not always “how to” advice.
  • He breaks your eyes to see possibilities for things that seem impossible
  • He helps you see the destination but does not always give you the detailed map to get to your desired destination.

What a Blogging Father Does Not Do for You

  • He is not always going to tell you how to do things, you need to research and read
  • Mind you. is not a financial supporter. So, he is not there to support you on your short-term problems.
  • A blogging father is not a counselor. He is there to direct your wrongs.
  • He is not your mate in the blogging world. The relationship between is private.

A blog can be used as a platform to showcase your knowledge and expertise.

Take a look at the enticing steps to blog plus #6 ways to instantly improve your blog & writing skills.

However, publishing blog posts that are timely, relevant, and informative will eventually get the attention of industry insiders which can actually make you stand as a premium brand


I believe you have a story to tell. Perhaps it’s about how you overcame a big hurdle to lose weight or transform your business.

Or, a story about some messed up, interesting people you have met. Whatever it is, a blogging father can help you put out your story for people to see.

The world needs it.

Your Turn

You just learn the benefits of having a blogging father.

Before today do you have a blogging father? If YES, what have been the benefits you’ve enjoyed from having him?

If NO, I hope with the few points I made you can now decide without confusion ongoing for one?

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  • Rahul
    Posted at 7:39 PM 0Likes

    Amazing article…Thanks

  • Ryan Biddulph
    Posted at 8:40 PM 0Likes

    Thanks for the shout out Prince! I learn from many rocking bloggers daily. We are all teachers and students. AWESOME point on what bloggers cannot do for you. Someone can lead the way, but you need to walk. God helps those who helps themselves. Or, the Universe will come to your aid when you aid others. Take steps, learn your craft, practice, be of service and success and assistance and awesome-ness will flow your way.

    • Posted at 7:51 AM 0Likes

      Yes, Ryan!

      Thanks for the valuable contribution.

      Keep inspiring, keep teaching, keep learning, keep walking.

      You are loved!

  • Mohd Aktar
    Posted at 4:08 AM 0Likes

    Lovely post Prince Akwarandu. Yes i agree that blogging father will break your eyes to see possibilities in things that seem impossible.

  • Elizabeth
    Posted at 6:10 AM 0Likes


    Just letting you know that I think your blog is so unique and incredible that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. It really was such a pleasure to explore your site and read through your posts. Ill be sure to continue following you through your journey.

    I am here linking to the Liebster Award post where I’ve listed you among my nominees. As per the rules of this award you now have to answer the questions I have asked, find your own nominees and set them your own questions if you choose to accept this award. If you do I would love it if you could send me a link to the post once you’ve published so I can have a look at the answers you’ve given to my questions.

    Again thank you for the insight to your blog. I look forward to what the future brings for you. Have a great day.

    Elizabeth (

  • Wineeth
    Posted at 5:27 AM 0Likes

    Hello Prince Akwarandu, I completely agree with your post. If you choose to become a blogger then surely you need a guidance of a problogger who can teach you the in’s and out’s of blogging.

    Thanks for this wonderful post.


  • Prosper Noah
    Posted at 9:52 AM 0Likes

    Hi Prince,

    Awesome Post.

    Any one ever started a blog which is up for success surely needs one who can guide him in one way or the other. Probably one who’s had enough knowledge of how blogging really works.

    Great Post.

  • Gbemileke Sonde
    Posted at 9:29 PM 0Likes

    Hi Prince,

    Truth is, when one doesn’t have someone to guide him like a father, it can make one to be walking like a lone ranger.

    This can make progressing sluggish because no one to tell whenever he does good or bad.

    I hope I get one soon.

    • Posted at 2:35 PM 0Likes

      I will release a list of blogging fathers to follow soon to allow you make a choice, Gbemi.

      I believe you’ll never regret having a blogging father.

      Stay glued, man!

  • Donna Merrill
    Posted at 1:31 PM 0Likes

    Hi Prince,
    What a wonderful way to express what a “blogging father” can do for others.
    I do believe just like what Ryan had written that we are all teachers and students. The day we stop becoming a student is the day we cannot teach. That’s how I have always seen the blogging journey.


    • Posted at 2:40 PM 0Likes

      Hi Donna,

      I can’t agree less that we are all teachers and students. Teachers who learn while they teach were once students; students who will learn while the teacher teaches can be great teachers.

      We teach, we learn – blogging continues.

      Have a great day, Donna.

  • Luliakarten
    Posted at 11:07 AM 0Likes

    “Hi there,

    Really informative article. Thanks for Sharing.
    Keep the good work”

  • Mehedi Hasan
    Posted at 3:14 PM 0Likes

    I completely agree with your post. If you choose to become a blogger then surely you need a guidance of a problogger who can teach you the in’s and out’s of blogging.

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