Summertime should be a time of enjoying and relaxation, rest, and maybe vacationing, but definitely not a time or worry and expense because you suddenly discover your air conditioner not cooling as it should be. A high-quality heating and air conditioning technician can be invaluable during the summer months if this occurs. 

Many times AC problems solve with a quick check of your system if you know what to look for. Below are some simple things to look for that may save you money whether or not you decide to use the AC cleaning in Dubai of a service technician.

There are many factors involve the performance of an air conditioner. I assume your air conditioner is working fine but it’s not cooling the require it. If it’s not running you should check the circuit breaker. It could also be a fuse. You could also check the thermostat to ensure it’s set properly.

There are a few principal parts that support the air conditioner to cool the place. Condenser, Compressor, metering instruments, evaporating coil, and thermostat are essential components of any house air conditioner. Motorized fans installed, help to circulate conditioned air.


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The working of air conditioning is starting when the refrigerant enters the compressor through valves. The compressor is one the heaviest of all parts of the unit which is made powerful to withstand the highest pressure and is at the bottom of the unit. Here refrigerant compress under high pressure resulting in an increase of temperature.


The heating refrigerant in the gaseous state is pump by the compressor into a series of condensing coils where the heat will absorb and the gas is cool down to a liquid. Heating absorbs from the gas will release outside the room through evaporator coils place on the other side of the unit.

Metering devices

After condensing the refrigerant, it changes to liquid, which is pumped by the condenser into metering devices and later to evaporating coils. These devices permit only a fixed amount of liquid to obtain pass it.

The amount of liquid that is allowed to pass depends on the ability of the unit. Today TXV metering devices are used to calculate the volume of the liquid that should be released efficiently. These metering devices support in dropping the pressure resulting in lowering the temperature of the liquid refrigerant.

Evaporating coils

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After the pressure of the liquid is drop it enters the evaporating coil. The heat release from the gaseous state refrigerant absorbs by evaporating coils. When the cool liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator coil, the exchange of temperatures takes place between air and refrigerant flashing the liquid into vapor status. Refrigerant regains vapor status is pump back into the compressor to initiate the system again.

Dirty coils 

The coils on the indoor unit are a magnet to dust & dirt. Even if you are diligent in replacing your air filters every 3 months as you should, it is inevitable that eventually, your coil system will need cleaning. 

Make sure you turn the power off to the main unit before inspecting the coils. Use a cleaner for the best results. Be forewarned though as this is a dirty job, so be prepared with gloves, a shop vac, and an ample supply of disposable towels.

Poor insulation 

 If you live in hot weather you may notice some of your rooms are not as cool as others. The thermostat may read correctly but false insulation will not allow the air to cool sufficiently. Check all your doors are seals and attic spaces for improper insulation. Sometimes the problem can solve by installing a few extra rolls in the attic space above. Upstairs rooms are typically more difficult to cool and may require additional insulation material.


Thermostat senses and registers a specific temperature that is located for the unit and shuts the compressor when it is reached. When the temperature in the room or close space starts increasing, the thermostat senses the identical and kick start. The compressor again to initiate the heat-absorbing method.

All the above parts mentioned are principal requirements for the working of any house air conditioning unit. Today contrary types of air-conditioning units are accessible in a variety of capacities to satisfy the needs of several people and places. However, one should prefer an air-conditioning unit manufactured by a trusty and alleged company based on your cooling requirements.

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