Black Friday and Cyber Monday 30% discount has been applied to all packages. Black Friday 2017 is officially here and we’re up and running. Literally hundreds of thousands of Black Friday. Some weeks ago we reviewed the Under Construction Page Plugin which you can use if your website or blog is under construction.

There is no doubt that WordPress is so popular that over 25% of all websites on the web use it. If your business changes her strategy to meet the emerging trends, so will your website – but it’s not going to happen in the space of a thin air.

Bloggers, business owners, and marketing pros alike now take advantage of a whole host of tools designed to make website creation and management as easy as possible. And the Under Construction Page Plugin is something you can create without stress.

Even while WordPress was once a simple blogging platform, it has very much become a one-stop shop for building virtually all types of websites. If you’ve already called another web designer or seen another web design company’s website you’ll have seen that there’s just too much jargon and too much complexity out there. Here’s the good news, Web Factory Ltd is nothing like them.

Security Ninja PRO

Has your site gotten hacked before? If YES, I believe you lost some money. To secure the life if your website or blog the Security Ninja PRO is the way forward. Security Ninja helps thousands to stay safe and prevent downtime due to security issues.

Security Ninja PRO has featured you will like.

The tried and tested solution has only the features you really need;

  • perform 50+ security tests including brute-force attacks
  • check your site for security vulnerabilities and holes
  • take preventive measures against attacks
  • don’t let script kiddies hack your site
  • prevent 0-day exploit attacks
  • use included code snippets for quick fixes
  • PRO modules for extra protection
  • extensive help and descriptions of tests included
  • fast and professional support

Continuously expanding list of tests includes;

  • brute-force attack on user accounts to test password strength
  • numerous installation parameters tests
  • file permissions
  • version hiding
  • 0-day exploits tests
  • debug and auto-update modes tests
  • database configuration tests
  • Apache and PHP related tests
  • WP options tests

Benefits of Buying Security Ninja PRO

  • It helps you to keep your core WordPress files in check
  • It keeps all your custom WordPress files in check
  • It fixes complicated security issues just with one click
  • It helps to monitor, track and log more than 50 events on your site in great detail.
  • Security Ninja PRO helps you to automate periodic scans, including scans of core files.

Security Ninja PRO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Will Security Ninja slow down my site?

A1: Absolutely not. You may experience a slight slow down while tests are being run but that takes less than a minute.

Q2: Will it work on my theme?

A2: Yes! Security Ninja works with all themes.

Q3: Is this plugin safe to use?

A3: Of course. It’s been tested on over 5000 websites
Q4: Is this plugin legal to use?
A4: Yes. It’s your site you can do whatever you want with it. Running tests on other people’s sites is illegal but Security Ninja can only perform tests on the WP it’s installed on.

Q5: Will it work with my plugins?

A5: Yes, Security Ninja works with all plugins except security related ones. There is currently an issue with Wordfence preventing Security Ninja’s test to be performed while Wordfence is active. We’re working on resolving this issues. For now, please disable Wordfence while running Security Ninja tests.

Q6: What changes will Security Ninja make to my site?

A6: None! Security Ninja will just give you the test results and suggest corrective measures with precise instruction. It will not make any changes to your site.

There are many testimonies from folks who are using this plugin. You can visit the official website. Just follow the link below to get 30% off any Security Ninja PRO package and level up the security of your WordPress site.
Valid from 11/1/2017 to 11/28/2017

Google Maps Widget PRO

Do you want to create a map for your WordPress site in one minute? Google Maps Widget PRO by Web factory is the way forward.
Google Maps Widget is a no-nonsense map plugin that’s easy and powerful.

Features of Google Maps Widget

  • Easy to Use: It has over 100,000 users because GMW works the very moment you install it. Period. No nonsense.
  • Speed up Your Site: Instead of 40+ requests, initially, the Google Maps Widget take only 1 request to load reducing the site load by 2 MB.
  • Unlimited Maps & Pins: You can create as many maps as you need on your site & put as many pins on them. There are no limits.
  • Every Option You’ll Ever Need: Directions, satellite view, street view, custom information bubbles, customizable lightbox – GMW has it all.
  • Match Any Site’s Style: Custom pins, map styles & lightbox skins match any site and blend in perfectly with a perfect experience.
  • Premium Support: The friendly USA based support agents answer most emails within 3 hours; guaranteed response within 24h.

Here Is an Example of How It Looks

Maps can be used anywhere on the site: in posts, pages, custom post types, sidebars, menus & as widgets or shortcodes.
Follow the link to get 30% off any Google Maps Widget PRO package and create beautiful maps with the unlimited number of pins, and more than 50 extra features.
Valid from 11/1/2017 to 11/28/2017

Under Construction Page PRO

UnderConstruction Page is a WordPress and HTML plugin. For example, by setting up an under construction page, you’ll be able to temporarily hide your website from visitors and search engines alike. Doing so will enable you to work on your website and experiment with new designs without visitors stumbling upon a work in progress. A good maintenance or under construction page can be crucial.

Most importantly, a good under construction page should provide visitors with more value than a generic error page. This is why Under Construction Page Plugin by Web Factory Ltd is here.

The Features Of This Great Plugin

  1. It is simple and powerful to use – it is beginner-friendly, simple & fast.
  2. You have all the support you need – you get support for most caching plugins so there’s no need to manually purge.
  3. It is maintained as it promised – this plugin is been updated as new version comes out at least twice a month with new themes, features, and fixes
  4. It just works well – this plugin, even while being used on almost 100 thousand WP websites and blogs it hasn’t had a bug report in months, and this is what the users want.
  5. It is free – seriously, it doesn’t even have a pro version.
  6. It is enjoying and fun to use – why choose to have an awkward black & white under construction page when you can have a catchy, colorful one 🙂
  7. It has social media help – various social media icons is available to keep your customers engaged while you work on your website.
  8. It is SEO optimized – the plugin is optimized for SEO. You have also the Google Analytics support.
  9. It has a boost in growth – It has over 100k active users, with 10k/month growth and 500 five-star reviews.
  10. This plugin is exactly what you need – yes, this plugin is what you need.

This plugin is a simple no-nonsense plugin for all those situations when you have to hide the site behind an Under Construction page for a while.

Some Live Examples of Under Construction Page

Today, grab the opportunity and have UnderConstructionPage PRO for 30% off the regular price. It will help you create that perfect coming soon, maintenance or under construction page that you dreamed of.
Valid from 11/24/2017 to 11/28/2017

Web Factory Bundle

Get an unlimited, lifetime license for 3 great plugins with a 55% DISCOUNT Unlimited Sites.
  • Lifetime Support & Updates
  • One-time Payment
  • 55% Discount
Just follow the link to get 55% off the bundle which contains three premium WordPress plugins: Security Ninja PRO, Google Maps Widget PRO, and Under Construction Page PRO.
Valid from 11/24/2017 to 11/28/2017

My Final Take

When you download and install the plugins above, you can send in your reviews and feedbacks as they are highly appreciated.
Do well to get the products as soon as you can.
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