Broken (Poem)

You never really know,
what you did mean to me
I close my eyes to the pain
You made me feel, but it’s there,
eating me up. I try not to blink or
close my eyes tight enough, for a tear may drop and lead to the
flow of continuous sob.

I place my hand on my heart,
each time I remember the pain you caused me.
You broke my heart into a thousand pieces and
now I am left to fix the broken pieces.
I remember this, and I can’t stop the tears from falling.

Did you ever really value the love we once had?
I remember the way you did smile at me,
how we held hands and the stories we told,
I remember how we pointed together at the stars.
The memories, they do not heal,
they break the broken pieces still.

In my dreams, you are all I see.
I see you smile and hear the crackle of your laughter,
oh how I want this to be real,
but I will wake up and on my bed will I sit and cry all rivers and seas,
for a dream, it was indeed.

Do you still think of me like I do of you?
Do you ever for a second try to see my face in your mind?
or have I seized to have ever been in existence to you?

Why did you leave?
Did you have to go?
you turned your back on love.
why did you leave me here, in
the middle of the road?

Yes I am falling sick
I am sick and I am dying.
The love we once shared.
Along, you took it with you.
My heart did beat for you,
my smiles, you did inspire.
What does it mean to smile?
how it feels, I do not know.

I thought you said you loved me.
Where did that love ever go?
Why did you ever let it go?
Did you find another to love?
or your love was too good to waste on a person like me.

You said I was the one in your dreams, but now you are gone,
yes away from me.
Did you have a new dream,
or did you find and have replaced me with another?

Why didn’t you stab me instead?
I would have taken a bullet than being denied your love.
I used to be your favorite person in the world, what happened?
What went wrong?
What happened to us?

Do I sit here and hope?
Hope that one day, you will come back to me or
do I simply let another hold my hands?
The hands you held for so long.

Do I let another define love to me?
Love is nothing to me if it’s not with you.
What is love, if I let another take the place you left vacant?
but you have moved on and a fool I will be if I say you will come back to me.

I hear even a whisper and I hope.
It is you who whispered my name and sent the wind to say it to my ears.
Oh, the sound of my name as it leaves your lips!

Don’t do this to me,
come back to me and let’s travel all the way together.
I guess you don’t care how I feel
Oh no, you don’t.

Was it so hard for you?
To cherish my heart forever?
I am no good for you anymore,
but yes someone dreams of me
Someone wishes to be mine
So I soak my pillow with tears
as I bid you goodbye.

About the Poem

This is a poem of someone that was heartbroken. The poem has so many rhetorical questions directed to the love of the person’s life, who had left. None of the questions were answered. The speaker wished for death than to be denied that love.

The speaker remembers memories of the love they were shared and it breaks the speaker’s heart so much
The speaker had dreams but is sad as they are not real. The speaker accepts the fate of losing that love as seen in the last line.

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Written by Joy Okwori

Poet, Writer and Storyteller. I help you build the passion to write, and keep ink flowing on paper.

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