How to Handle a Bad eBook Review
How to Handle a Bad eBook Review

How Do You Handle a Bad eBook Review?

The question going through your mind is probably this: how do you handle a bad ebook review?

From time to time an unhappy, unclear person projects their fear-pain onto me via a bad eBook review.

You get them from time to time.

Years ago I went into a cyber cave after getting a crappy review. 1-star reviews had me doubting myself. Was my content that cruddy? Was this the reason why I hadn’t sold as many eBooks as I felt I should sell?

Turns out, my fears, as always, were not true.

My eBooks are me. I write genuine recounts of how I succeeded online. If anybody criticizes the quality of the reads it does not change the fact that I succeeded following these strategies.

In essence; when you write eBooks giving a 100% authentic account of your experience, you cannot be disturbed by any type of eBook criticism.

How to Handle a Bad eBook Review

Here’s how you handle a bad eBook review guys.

1: Know It Is Not About You

Criticism is a projection of how a critic sees themselves.

Criticism has nothing to do with you.

I see criticism fly by me and return to the critic; like a boomerang.

I do not take pleasure in this fact because critics are afraid, pained people who suffer.

I never take criticism personally because the barb is about the reviewer and their fears and has nothing to do with me.

Every 1-star review, nasty email or critical jab is the product of a fear-filled person. Have some compassion for these folks. Turns out, critics actually like what you do.

2: Critics Like What You Do

“Haters are confused, admirers.” ~ Reverend Run

If people who publish bad reviews genuinely disliked your work they would never spend the time and energy writing a negative review.

People who do not care for your eBooks simply move on, never opening their mouths or critiquing your work.

Folks who publish nasty reviews love your work but lack clarity and confidence in themselves.

Criticism is simply their best attempt to offer you a compliment but their lack of clarity perverts the feedback, leading to harsh feedback.

Guys; I know this concept seems confusing to grasp but embracing the idea completely frees you from bad eBook reviews.

Some folks who trash various eBooks of mine have been fans of my blog and eBooks all along.

I know they dig my stuff because they open their mouths; completely ignoring my work would suggest they are not fans.

3: Be with Your Feelings

Be with any feelings arising after you read a bad review.

How do you feel? Embarrassed or angry?

Feeling bad indicates you need to clear these fear-based emotions to feel amazingly clear on your eBook.

Feeling clear on your eBook increases sales and completely dissolves any sting from criticism so a bad review never bothers you.

A few moments ago someone lobbed a rough review of my flagship eBook. I politely informed him his criticism is 100% about him and says nothing about me or my eBook – all criticism is a projection – and I left him with a smile. No reaction, no anger, no annoyance, no embarrassed feelings.

Many years ago I lived a different story. I got pissed off when reading 1-star reviews on my eBooks.

That pissed off feeling simply indicated I did not believe deeply in my eBook and that I lacked clarity around it.

After a handful of these fear-clearing sessions – compliments of critics – I now feel clear, calm and poised about my blog and eBooks.

I simply share what worked for me and any criticism reflects nothing of the eBook’s quality, accuracy, and value.

4: Take it to the Bank

Converting how you deal with criticism into a blog post, video or eBook grows your blogging business.

Plus discussing your experiences with bad reviews serves as a cathartic purge if you are just learning how to deal with criticism.

Turn the criticism into profits.

Take it to the bank.

Wrap Up

Everybody gets bad reviews sometimes.

Be at peace with facing criticism.

Honestly observe your true feelings in response to being criticized.

Do not take criticism personally since all negative reviews are projections of an individual seeing the world as they see themselves.

Gracefully glide through critics to greater eBook sales and more people served.

Written by Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author, and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon and can help you build a successful blog at

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