It is amazing how many writers have great potentials and never maximize their full potentials. When it comes to writing there is something I really love about it which I know you’ll love too.

What is that thing? We have a different kind of writers for different kind of readers.

If you are a reader of romantic novels, we have writers with the responsibility of writing romance novels. And, if you are a reader who likes books about entrepreneurship or business, we also have writers for that too.

The world of writing is so big that you can’t find a category not to perform or serve. If you are really serious about the business of writing then you’ll see many reasons why you should unleash your writing potentials.

How long will you hide, depriving people the benefits and miracles of your writing talent? If you are living a life of purpose I want to believe that you have less or good amount of knowledge about what I mean from the question asked.

It is high-time you get off your shells and unleash your potentials as a writer. It is a great gift to have someone who tells you all day that “YOU CAN” even when it seems all hope is lost. I want to tell you, and I mean it – YOU CAN.

5 Practical Steps to Unleash Your Writing Potentials

Luckily, unleashing your writing potentials is easier than you may think, and with a few simple tips and tricks, you can take your content from acceptable to enviable.

Right here I’ll share practical steps to help you unleash your writing potentials. I’m right at your face today telling you that “YOU CAN” even if you find it difficult to believe. Follow these steps and keep the ball rolling.

1. Write After Seeing a Good Film

I don’t know if this happens to you or maybe you can try (or adopt) this method after reading this today. Read between the lines, carefully, one after the other.

After seeing a good film (tragedy, comedy or tragi-comedy) I try to pull my thoughts together, to communicate the events that took place in the film. I do it as a summary of a film which most times leads to me writing a totally different story.

2 days ago after seeing a film that took me close to an hour to study, I ended up with a story titled “The Love that Hurts”

“The Love that Hurts” is not the film’s title – it is my own story title which was influenced by the film. I couldn’t believe I actually wrote a story that night.

Like, how the words were given birth to – the conception, the pregnancy period, complexion, and the finesse of the eyes, nose, mouth, and the whole body of the baby (story).

Everything was amazing and each moment I read the story I see lives being blessed, broken hearts being healed, toxic relationships being detoxified.

Initially, the thoughts that came from that story wouldn’t have come too fast if not for the film. I initiated the moment, and then I unleashed the words onto paper.

Emotion gives me a push to keep writing unless I choose to stop. I don’t know if that happens to you too, however, if it does you can relate to what I’m talking about here.

2. Give yourself the Opportunity to Unleash

Actually, this should be the practical step #1 but it is coming to the step #2 because I’d like to relate it to the experience I shared above.

I was able to unleash the words I put to paper that night because I gave myself the opportunity to write. I created the room; set the table (prepared my mind to see a film), got myself into motion (studied the film), and zoom, the wheels moved (got driven by the story to write).

Practically, I did three things here;

  • I decided I was going to see a film
  • I finally saw the film, and
  • I wrote a story from the film

So, that’s it. There is no magic wand about this – it’s something you need to practice to get better at it. Read point c again – “I wrote a story from the film.”

I never said or meant to say “I wrote about the film.”

No Sir/ a. I only wrote a story from the film I saw.

How can you write a story from a film you mean? OK, I’ll explain.

I wasn’t out of ideas on what story to write or not. My writing from the film is the act of drawing from the experiences in the film and adding to my own thoughts about the film, my personal experiences, and life in general.

The film served as a drive to unravel a hidden story in me. Everyone has a story in them. Some come off voluntarily, and the other comes off when you discipline yourself to think and write.

There are stories that wait to be beaten by hard forces before they come off. Such stories wait for a hard knock to be raised against their heads before they are able to beckon the call to rise.

Even after sharing what works or worked for me, I tell people this: practice and find out what works for you. The moment you do, stick to the things that work for you and keep building on them.

3. Finding A Reason(s) to Write

The reason you eat is that you feel hungry, right? Or maybe you fell in love with a meal? The reason why some people go to school is to learn, and after learning, look for a job or do something better than a job with their lives. The reason why people fall in love is that they got attracted to each other, and then, found a reason to love.

It is the same way to writing. When you find a reason to always write, you’ll see yourself doing it without stress. As soon as you fall in love with writing, you’ll find more reasons to keep writing. Some people write in order to express their feelings – for them that’s the reason for writing.

If the reason why you write is for the money, you’ll see yourself writing for money. Whether the reason you found is good or bad. At least, you found a reason and it drives you either positively or negatively

You can close your eyes to things you don’t want to see but you can’t close your heart from what it truly feels. Possibly, you can close your hands to never write again, but when your heart is open to writing your perspective about it changes and you begin to love your craft.

4. Improving Your Writing Style

Our minds are seats of thoughts, feelings, and awareness where our intellectual power resides. The mind transpires from the activities being conducted by the brain which the function and structure are directly affected by our personal activities throughout our life.

Small changes can make all the difference in making your writing pleasant to read. It all begins with figuring out what to address. You know where to begin, first? Learn how to write good sentences.

Is your writing style energetic and influential? Some people’s writing style is. If yours isn’t yet, you need to build it into something attractive and engaging. How often do you use power words in your writing?

The truth is that the potentials are been imbibed and endowed in us to be who we choose or desire to be in life. More importantly whom God has created us to be. We can make a change of being the great genius that we have always read about in books with wonder.

In other to make and become that genius, you must decide to put all the vast resources that your mind and your brain have made provision of in practice, set a goal for yourself towards being a genius and with actions attached to the goals made.

There are many ways to improve your writing style. If you are only exposed to your own writing, your writing world will narrow considerably. So, read widely and learn the rules.

Choose words carefully. Be clear and concise about the things that need to be improved. Listen to how people speak and make your characters believable. Don’t forget, if you are writing an essay, begin and end with a strong sentence.

If you are a blogger, it’s admittedly even harder to write while considering SEO and how to drive traffic to your post. However, if you want to improve your writing skills, writing on a regular basis will not only diminish your fear of the blank page (or blinking cursor), it will also help you develop a unique writing style.

5. Team Work

I agree that one of the benefits of team building is that it facilitates better communication. Probably, communication is key in most teams and this comes off a goal all team members should have and work towards achieving.

 “Team building is the process of turning a group of individual employees into a cohesive team, a group of people organized to work together interdependently and cooperatively to meet the needs of their customers by accomplishing their purpose and goals.” The Balance.

Talent didn’t bring me to where I am today. Neither did my writing skills bring World Writers Hub to where it is today. Teamwork did bring me here, today. It brought us here, we all.

One of the imperative things I learned in the process of building my writing career is this:

If you help others live their dreams, people will help you live yours and the chain continues.

Simply put, the purpose of team building is to increase the effectiveness of every individual to cooperate for the purpose of the team. At World Writers Hub, one of our goals is to teach you how to get your message out using content marketing strategies that work without compromising your purpose.

Secondly, to show you how to create compelling contents that grab attention and drives traffic and yields profits. And the amazing team of writers we have here has been working hard to achieve the purpose why this platform was created.

Among the World Writers Hub Team is Prince Akwarandu, Ryan Biddulph, Chidera Ochuagu, Lorraine Reguly, Robin Khokhar, Nicole Clark, Susan Velez, Kevin Ocasio, Angela Smith, and Sola Mathew.

These people are amazing and have been among what motivates me to keep writing. Thanks guys for your amazing contributions here, and I ask the fire to write and bless people’s life keep burning.

From working with you all I learned about the four character requirements of teamwork: openness, generosity, flexibility, and patience. Of course, I thought of how this applies to writing.

Many writers feel that they are flying solo when nothing could be further than the truth. When a team has worked together for a long time, there’s a chance they can become set in their ways.

A new member that joins your team can push you to think outside the box, and training the rookie (sorry, new member) is always a good bonding exercise. I remember vividly the engaging sessions between me and Contributor Nicole Clark. The emails, everything about you joining our team is simply amazing.

Nicole, you are a rare gem. I couldn’t believe the patience you exercised in writing even when over 4 of your articles got rejected. You gained clarity – I took you through the process, and you learned – I did too.

I love my team and we are open to accepting more contributors. Here is what it takes to become a contributor to World Writers Hub. And don’t forget – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the blog you most admire or the writer you cherish to write like.

Unleashing your writing potentials and building a profitable writing career is a lot like building a town square. There are no products or services being sold in your town’s buildings. Instead, the value is being provided in the form of information, education, and/or entertainment for the consumption of the people.

My Final Thoughts

The belief that creativity is an attribute that applies only to a blessed few individuals is a serious myth. Creative people don’t subscribe to black-and-white thinking; they see problems from different angles, are open to novelty and ambiguity, and question everything they see.

Unfortunately, the fact that our culture often discourages this perspective means that our creative potential can be snuffed out. Don’t be left out, you deserve to give your best out.

By applying these practical steps unveiled here today, to frame problems as creative challenges and exploring different avenues to become a better writer, you’ll adopt the killer character that turns obstacles into opportunities.

Following these steps turns your potentials to essentials that will remain relevant in the marketplace. Remember, you can do it, and I know you can. Go rock your world, friend.

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  • Chidera Ochuagu
    Posted at 2:21 PM 0Likes

    Oh wow!

    “When we find a reason to write, writing becomes easier.”

    I appreciate the mention and love the line mentioned above.

    Thanks Coach.

  • Posted at 12:09 AM 0Likes

    Hi Prince,

    Thanks for the shout out brother.

    I dig the idea of writing after watching a movie. I do this after watching Netflix shows quite a bit. My creativity increases and I get down to churning out helpful content.


  • Sikiru Abdulrasheed
    Posted at 9:24 PM 0Likes

    well done sir, I think these post is just what I need.

  • Ram
    Posted at 5:14 PM 0Likes

    Nice post

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