How Clara Became A Better Person Thru Loneliness

Why Are Successful People Lonely

To become a better person when you are lonely and grow strong isn’t an easy task. I am Clara, a college student, and a 21-year-old lady. Do you want to know how being lonely can help you greatly? I can tell you that, you just keep reading.

4 years ago, I lost my parents, I mean both parents. They were involved in a plane crash while traveling to a neighboring country for business. They both left the house assuring me that they’ll be back in three days. I didn’t even know that was the last time I’d see them. I saw them off to the airport and waved them goodbye.

I went back home and by evening I heard the news that a plane had crashed. My heart almost jumped out of my body. I ran to the airport to make investigations. At the end, my intuition was right. My parents died and that was how life became hell for me. I am the only child of my parents, I have no siblings,

Dad was also the only child of his parent and mum had two siblings. They both lived very far away. I was only 17 and somehow I couldn’t cope. I was very reserved and didn’t have any friend. My parents were all I had.

I went over to live with my grandmother, she did all she could to alleviate the loneliness I felt and she did really great. Life happened again and grannie died of a heart attack one sad and cold night.

To me, life just gave me the biggest blow, losing my grandmother two years after I lost my parents was really heartbreaking. I was already in school and had to live my life all alone.

My studies got affected at some point, there were nights when I couldn’t sleep, all I could do was cry. One day, I heard someone talk about leveraging on our pains and that was when I decided to make the most out of my loneliness.

Why are successful people lonely? Today, right here, I’ll be sharing with you 3 ways on how loneliness made the best out of me.

1. Loneliness Helped Me Become Stronger

When I learned to enjoy my time alone, I realized that I was seeing myself and my world with fresh eyes. It’s tough at first to be alone with yourself without feeling lonely. You’re really your own best company and there are freedom and centeredness within that experience.

After my parents died, I thought I’d never survived. I thought I wouldn’t be able to live without them. I was wrong. That occurrence taught me that time truly gives us time to find enough strength to treat our wounds till they heal. With time, I found that I could live and I could make my life become whatever I want it to be.

Pains have a way of preparing us for greater challenges. By the time granny died, I had somehow been empowered to go through it. I came out broken, yet beautiful. Read Nancy’s success story to learn how she became successful after being gang raped by the hard men.

2. Loneliness Sharpened My Imaginative And Thinking Skill

After Grannie died, I had no idea on how to reach my uncles because they lived in another country. I wasn’t particularly close to either of them and I also didn’t want to go live from one person’s house to another.

I decided to face my life and build me up. I felt deep pains, I felt my world crumbled. I thought I wouldn’t be able to see myself through school but I had to choose to live my life right.

In order to keep up with my financial needs, I started a business while in school. At the time when I was loneliest was when I grew fastest. I had to think and imagine for many minutes in order to come up with great business ideas before I started my business. It was bitter, but I came out better.

3. Loneliness Gave Me A Better Family

“Maximise your loneliness and let it bring you the best people”

“If you utilize your loneliness now, you’ll get to the world’s best stage”

“Why don’t you allow light come out of your present darkness?”

“You can carve out the best road to reaching your dreams now that you’re lonely, and when you do, you’ll attract the best people who’ll take you up the stage”

Those words hit my mind like a bomb, for a few minutes I was as silent as the graveyard. I was listening to a radio program that evening, it was around 7:00 when those words escaped the host’

Host’s lips and just like an arrow, it found it’s way to my heart. It pierced my heart, my heart bled. I cried, the speaker was just talking to me. After crying, I made the decision to maximize my loneliness. To make the best out if it and to become my best’s best.

That week, I visited a bookshop down the street and bought books authored by John Maxwell, Tim Lahaye, Myles Munroe, and so much more.

That was when my life began to experience a dramatic shift. I didn’t have a family, neither did I have a friend. I believe that there’s can supernatural and supreme being and so those were moments when the relationship between I and He grew stronger.

I consumed books and kept listening to the radio shows. It was another Saturday evening when I heard the speaker talk about the importance of having a mentor and/or friends who are in the same direction as you.

He said that they can speed up one’s growth process. Then I consciously began to pick friends, I picked only two friends, Naomi and Judie. Right now, they have become my own family. Knowing them have made me so much better and I’ve met really great people through them.

I also found a mentor and can I tell you that life has only gotten sweeter. I have been able to live a meaningful and purposeful life. Though I’m still in school, I have dedicated myself to making the most out of my life. I currently run a fashion shop. I also own an online food market where people can place orders for foodstuffs and get them delivered.

I run a mini NGO which specializes in caring for orphans. So far, life has been good. My loneliness made the best out of me.


So, are you lonely? Do you think or feel that life is unfair? It’s very very okay to be lonely, you should only strive to maximize your loneliness.

The loneliest phase of your life should be your life’s best phase.

Over To You

Have you ever felt lonely and alone in the world? How did you maximize and overcome it amidst the challenges?

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Written by Chidera Ochuagu

Chidera is a Writer, Speaker and Teen Life Coach who helps teenagers find their fire and become the best version of themselves. She is the founder of Smart Teens Network. A platform dedicated to raising the next teen generational leaders.

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