During 6 weeks in 2015-2016, I lived in a remote jungle by the Caribbean Sea in Costa Rica.

Nature enveloped me. Me and my wife had no unnatural, man made elements to life DEEP in the jungle; no electricity, no internet, no plumbing. We used an outhouse. Water flowed to the home via a hose-pipe fed from a fresh, jungle stream. We lived a simple, natural life for well over a month.

I felt alive and scared. Bored, and stimulated. Enlightened, and terrified. But more than anything, I fed on the stable, powerful, perfect vibe of nature. Save my wife Kelli, I was surrounded by no humans for roughly a 3 hour hike into town. We lived with monkeys, sloths, snakes, scorpions, parrots, toucans and endless trees, bushes, vines and grass. Being in the jungle connected me completely to nature. No human thinking or feeling on a massive scale influenced us. My thoughts flowed more purely and freely; at least until night time, when darkness and active wildlife triggered my deep fears.

Anyway, spending 6 weeks off of the grid reveals one of my writing secrets: connecting with nature allows writing ideas to flow effortlessly. Nature is perfect. Nature is stable. Nature is effortless. All creatures and vegetation fit like a perfect puzzle, finding continual harmony, precise balance and a sense of calm unknown in the human world, save enlightened beings. Being in such a perfect, stable, natural environment allowed me to write effortlessly in an offline setting. No electricity, internet or even plumbing, in this remote location.

What do I do here in NJ? We have no deep jungles to tap us into nature. But I do have a nice evening walk to connect with Mother Nature and I also spend up to 90 minutes daily meditating and doing Kriya yoga. Meditating and doing Kriya yoga taps you into your true self. Your natural self. Accessing this self allows writing ideas to flow freely.

Check out this video:

Writing 65 Words in 63 Seconds with My Eyes Closed (1 Typo)

I wrote 65 words in 63 seconds with my eyes closed. I had 1 typo. Finding inspiration in nature, meditating and doing Kriya yoga influenced me to practice writing millions of words. Writing millions of words allowed me to write accurately with my eyes closed. Nature offers you balance, poise, inspiration and a certain effortlessness about your writing if you revisit nature again and again. This cannot be a one shot deal. You need to visit nature again, daily, by visiting the outdoors and/or meditating, tossing in Kriya yoga for a powerful technique.

Nature is perfect. Nature behaves perfectly. Walking on fresh green grass, observing trees or even looking at the moon clues you in to finding writing ideas and acting on these ideas immediately. Nature influences you to practice writing 1000 words daily because only the human mind and its silly fears pull you away from writing practice, away from nature.

Revisit the natural world. Do you live in a city? Find some green. Or watch nature videos on YouTube. Do whatever you can do to immerse yourself in nature for at least 30 minutes daily. Immediately, writers block and its associated, unnatural fears, begin to dissolve into a more prolific nature. Ideas knock on your mind’s door. Execute these ideas. Act on writing inspiration. Naturally, you and I are prolific, creative, endless fountains of inspiration. Nature brings us back to who we really are. Keep visiting nature outdoors or cyber-style on a daily basis. Meditate. Do Kriya yoga. Become prolific by accessing one of my blogging secrets; immersing yourself in nature.


Visiting nature on a daily basis promotes your prolific and peaceful nature. Do you want more tips to develop peace in your life? Buy my eBook:

25 Tips to Develop Peace in Your Life

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