Folks often stare at me, so green with envy you’d think they were The Incredible Hulk.

Hey I get it; I live a cool life. After 8 years of circling the globe, I can say I’ve lived in places like Fiji, Bali, Costa RIca, Thailand and New Zealand for months or even years at a time. Sweet. I appreciate my gig.

BUT….one concept I embraced over a decade led to the sweet life. I learned the law of sowing and reaping. Give. Get. But drilling down deeper, I took this concept and used it for all that it’s worth.

How can you change your blogging course, pronto?

Fully accept this truth: a movie-worthy blogging life requires a movie-worthy blogging effort.

Just Like in the Movies

Folks see my smiling in Bali and may want to strangle me, out of jealousy. Wanna wipe that poop-eating grin off of my face, eh?

Did you know I wrote and published over 1000 guest posts on a single blog?

Perhaps you want to slap me around after seeing me lazing on the beaches of dazzling Fiji. But did you know I spent 15,000 hours blogging over the past decade of my life?

I live a movie-worthy life because I put in a movie-worthy effort. You too can live a movie-worthy life through blogging, if you too, put in a movie-worthy effort. Generously help people through your blog, guest posting and genuine blog commenting for 8,000 to 10,000 hours. Guaranteed, as you open multiple streams of income, I will see you on the beaches of Bali, or in the jungles of Costa Rica.

Bloggers Who Have It All Gave Up a Lot

I gave up 15,000 plus hours of lazing time, Netflix time, gossip time and wasting time – hehehehe – over the past decade to become a skilled, connected, successful blogger. Succeeding with blogging allowed me to circle the globe as an island hopping, pro blogger. I usually fly. Although I played basketball for nearly 20 years, I cannot jump that well.

Anyway, I did not sacrifice so much as choosing to let go thousands of hours of low energy, self-serving activities to make room for high energy, generous servant, activities. Releasing precedes acquiring. Give. Receive. But the movie-worthy, dazzling life seems to be preceded by a movie-worthy, dazzling effort for many years of folk’s lives. No joke folks, no joke.

One find me writing and publishing my 10th or 11th post of the day at 12 AM sometimes. I have not taken a day off from blogging for 5 years. Think of how quickly you mail it in from time to time. Hey; we all need breaks. I am human, too. Contrary to popular belief, I am no Blogging Cyborg, nor do I have 8 arms like a Blogging Octopus, nor do I have 10 clones doing my dastardly bidding. I take short, frequent breaks daily to remain energized. I also spend 4 hours daily managing my energy through meditating, Kriya yoga, yin yoga and by exercising.

But I almost never quit or give up when faced with some fear. I keep going. I keep blogging. I keep serving. Rocking results require a rocking effort. Commit 100% to blogging. Blogging commits 100% to you. Expect to be amazed when you see how fast things change the split second you generously help people through your blog for 3, 6 or 10 hours, every day. Even if you work a full time job you can set aside 2-3 hours nightly to generously serve people.

Remember the mirror effective of blogging. Whatever you put into blogging returns to you multiplied over a sustained period of time.

Movie-worthy lives require movie-worthy efforts.

I know you’re up to it.

I believe in you!

Now it’s time to strap in, take the ride and keep helping people generously for your blog.

Be all in for 5-10 years to see the most dazzling, eye-popping blogging results.


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