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3 Uplifting Blogging Beliefs for Self Infusion - World Writers Hub

Self infusion.

I’m talking about a mental thing.

As the world focuses on a medical malady, I intend to help you face, feel and own positive blogging beliefs. Way too many bloggers inject head trash into mind. Bloggers believe they will fail. Who will ever read their blog? Or who will buy their stuff? Well, I am here to pull you in a new, freeing direction.

Self infusion is more about repeating positive ideas to yourself more than anything. Repeat. Allow the ideas to seep into your mind. Believe. Achieve. Sound fun? Of course it does. Most blogging folks seem a bit negative. Humans tend to weigh themselves down with the heavy burden of fear. I want to show you a different way….a better way….a more uplifting, positive way to blog.

Try these 3 positive ideas on for size.

1: I Have Blogging Gifts to Share with the World

Believe you have something special to share! Because you do! WAY too many bloggers downplay their blog, sharing and overall campaign, believing themselves to be as worthy as cockroaches or rats, rifling through the trash for last week’s rotten meat. Pick yourself up. We want you to share something special with the world. But you need to believe this, to actually do the sharing.

No joke; I get kinda shy sometimes. Even big old me. Even 10 year pro me. I do believe I have gifts to share with the world and share quite freely, thank you, but fear creeps into my little, itty bitty mind sometimes. How do I handle fear? I nudge into the energy, feel its unpleasant presence and repeat to myself that I do have blogging gifts to share with the world. Dwelling on my gifts, stories and wisdom to share, I find myself writing a blog post or guest post, pronto.

PS….if you want to learn how to retire to the tropics like me, buy my eBook here:

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping (Part 2)

2: I Will Become a Skilled Writer

One quick scan at Quora shows how many aspiring bloggers feel stupid terrified to dip their blogging feet into the cyber water. Most of these cats feel scared to blog because most possess poor writing skills; in their eyes, at least. Repeat this phrase to self: I will become a skilled writer. Then, practice writing your butt off to actually develop your writing skills.

I could not write a lick some 20 million words ago. Or more. I believe more. Now, after writing 20 million words through practice, creating and connecting, I can do a wee bit of writing, my Young Blogging Padawans. Every day, I publish 1 post to my blog and 5-6 guest posts. That’s a lotta writing. Plus I coasted through a stretch where I wrote and self-published one, 6000 word eBook on Amazon every single day, for 3 months in a row. Imagine writing a 6000 word blog post daily for 90 days. I did it. Writing my butt off by believing I would become a skilled writer was how I did it.

Repeat the skilled writer idea to self. Believe in the mantra as you get silly busy writing like the dickens.

3: People Love Me

I know; this one sounds like a bad comedy act, gone awry. But you need to self infuse with this idea because so many bloggers poop on self with the idea that nobody loves them, nobody cares about them and nobody will read their blog. A lack of self-love and lack of outer love leads to an isolated, lonely, failed blogging existence.

People do love you. Repeat this mantra to self. Believing this idea inspires you into positive blogging action to actually meet, greet and connect with these rocking people begging to cyber meet you.

Accept yourself. Love yourself. Then, get uber busy creating and connecting to see your self love and the love of other human beings mirrored back to you.

Blogging gets easier if you self infuse with these loving, positive, uplifting ideas.
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